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Due Dates

Posted on 03/27/08, 02:02 pm
All right mommies! First things first, you need to let us all know your due dates and what your having if you know! How far along are you and how are you feeling?!
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  • Reply #1 03/27/08  5:46pm
    Hi! I am expecting my first baby in mid-October, so I won't know the sex for awhile yet (but I can't wait to find out!). I'm exhausted. I have pretty bad nausea in the morning that I've been able to control by eating small meals throughout the day, but by the evening nothing seems to remedy it. So, I guess I have night-sickness too!
  • Reply #2 03/27/08  6:02pm
    I'm expecting my first child in Sept. the due date used to be Sept 17th but due the fact that I found out i have gestational diabetes my doctor said we'd probably deliver early. We will find out at the end of April what were having. I've had pretty bad morning sickness. I kinda made a joke and said I thought it was suppose to disapear after the first trimester. I has let up a lot. Hope everyone has a healthy pregnancy.
  • Reply #3 03/27/08  9:19pm
    I'm due May 7. (Though everyone seems to think he'll come earlier.) It's a boy and his name is Kian Maxwell Davis.
  • Reply #4 03/27/08  9:37pm
    I'm due July 26th with a little girl, Madelyn Rea.
  • Reply #5 03/27/08  9:48pm
    due october 02, dont know gender yet!! cant wait. dont feel like im pregnant at all, no morning sickness or anything really (yes my friends who have had kids say im a lucky b++++ lol)
  • Reply #6 03/27/08  10:18pm
    My due date is Sept 1st. I don't know what I'm having and we haven't decided if we are going to find out. I'm leaving the decision up to my husband. Right now, I'm 17 weeks, 4 days and I feel great. The second trimester has been great so far. My belly is starting to grow and every now and then, I think I feel some flutters (though it could easily just be gas bubbles :)
  • Reply #7 03/27/08  10:37pm
    Im due in the beginning of april! they havnt given me a date but they say within the next two weeks!!! ITS A BOY!
  • Reply #8 03/27/08  11:49pm
    Hey guys! This is great! I'm glad so many people joined! I'm due the 22nd or 24th of Aug, we'll see! I'm using the 24th right now. Its a beautiful boy! I'm so excited for him. Human(haha, funny to call you that) How are you pronouncing your boy's name? I love it, I just want to make sure I'm right! Sorry for the nausea cake, I had none : )! Don't Hurt Me! Congrats Fran! You are so so CLose!
  • Reply #9 03/28/08  11:41am
    Hey lady! I love that Future Milf picture!

    Okay, I'm due on June 7th with a girl, who my husband and I have decided to name Jessica. I'm feeling pretty good despite having a slight cold right now. Otherwise, feeling fine! And looking forward to meeting my daughter and getting to hold her.
  • Reply #10 03/28/08  1:23pm
    Due August 20 (although at my last ultrasound I was measuring two weeks farther along, so it may be sooner than that!) I'm having a boy and his name will be Cayden William. I had bad morning sickness for about 9 weeks. And now I'm better but my belly is already huge! And I can feel him move a lot(he's kicking as I'm typing!)


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