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  • 3

    Posted by screamingsilently - 03/22/09, 01:05 am

    Love and hugs to everyone! I know it's been a while, and i hope you all can forgive me! I hope everyone is doing well! I've missed you all! Huge hugs go out to all my dear members! <3, Megan.

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  • Hug

    screamingsilently (01/19/09)

    hey everyone... i just thought i'd hug you have all been so awesome!!! i love every member of this group. and i am so happy about the number of members! WOW! 26 is more than i thought i'd get! thanks everyone, for being a part of this group. its amazing. and it makes me so happ ...

  • Flowers

    screamingsilently (01/09/09)

    you all are probably wondering why the heck i'm giving everyone "flowers", right?!?!? well, here's why...i wanted to give you all a gift for joining us here and doing your best to help every one of us! you joining us has got me feeling optomistic about putting this group togethe ...

  • Good Luck

    screamingsilently (01/07/09)

    i am here wishing everyone suffering from an eating disorder the BEST of luck in the road to recovery... also wishing the BEST of luck to those who are here, not suffering from ED's, but just want to help and understand these illnesses! love you all!!! -M