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New Years Eve Around The World Mad Lib

Posted on 12/28/10, 12:25 pm
The Christmas one was fun so here's one for New Years!



Animal (plural):

Plural Noun:



Food (plural):

Any Liquid:


Verb ending in ING:


Plural Noun:

Plural Noun:

Verb ending in ING:


Plural Noun:
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  • Reply #1 12/28/10  1:40pm
    Noun: Plumber

    Number: Minus forty

    Animal (plural): Wildebeasts
  • Reply #2 12/28/10  1:54pm
    Plural Noun: Toes

    Noun: Tuba

    Noun: Spork

  • Reply #3 12/28/10  1:59pm
    Food (plural): Hamhocks

    Any Liquid: Turpentine

    Noun: Saxophone
  • Reply #4 12/28/10  2:16pm
    Verb ending in ING: trucking

    Noun: sludge

    Plural Noun: Pool cues
  • Reply #5 12/28/10  5:16pm
    Plural Noun: Feathers

    Verb ending in ING: Shriveling
  • Reply #6 12/29/10  11:57am
    Noun: bald

    Plural noun: eagles
  • Reply #7 12/29/10  2:17pm
    AUSTRALIA. Each major city around Australia holds New Year�s Eve celebrations, usually accompanied by a Plumber display amongst other events. Perth's fireworks are let off from barges along the Swan River, whilst Minus 40 people annually gather at sites around the Brisbane River in the city to watch the Plumber display.

    CANADA. In Canada, Wildebeasts usually gather and celebrate New Year's Eve together. Often, several Wildebeasts will come together and celebrate in a large party. Parties usually involve Toes and light shows.

    FRANCE. The French New Year's Eve is usually celebrated with a feast called Tuba de Spork. This feast customarily includes special dishes like Hamhocks and drinks like Turpentine.

    UNITED STATES. In the United States, New Year's Eve is a major social holiday. In the past 100 years, Saxaphone Trucking on top of One Times Square in New York City, is a major component of the New Year celebration.

    MEXICO. Mexicans swallow a Sludge with each of the twelve chimes of the bell during the New Year countdown. On New Year's Eve, those who want to find love in the new year wear red Feathers. They wear Pool Cues if they want money. Other traditions include Shriveling the Bald and hanging Eagles.


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