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Posted on 05/23/10, 03:45 pm
I just want to remind everyone who has children or is considering children with their RSO to contact DCFS (department of children and family services) in the COUNTY where you plan to live with said children and RSO. It is not illegal (many times anyway) for an RSO who is done with probation and parole to live with children under 18 BUT some counties will take children from any home where a RSO lives and/or if they even have visitation. Some states may have cross county rules for this but some don't. Please, please, please! Find out BEFORE moving your children in with your RSO. We (my RSO and I) are separated currently because of these rules.
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  • Reply #1 05/23/10  6:00pm
    thanks for posting this. If i have children with my boyfriend we would need to find a county where it's allowed. Any suggestion of places where starting a family with him would be easier?
  • Reply #2 05/23/10  8:06pm
    A different country ;).
  • Reply #3 05/23/10  10:06pm
    Can sexoffenders live in another country? I wondered that but I was not sure.
  • Reply #4 06/01/10  5:52pm
    My fiance has been on for over 10 years and we want to get married and live together but cant since i have children. Does anyone know where you can find these laws based on state? I am in Georgia and up and moving is not an option for me at this time.
  • Reply #5 06/02/10  6:36pm
    It's not against the law here, but DCFS will still remove the children from the home if an RSO lives there. And then the parent that allowed the RSO to be around the children unsupervised (they consider if you are sleeping the RSO is not supervised) has to go though a LOT to get their children back. That said, every state is different. Contact your local Department of Children and Family Services to find out their policies on this. If he has completed his treatment then contact the treatment provider and if they believe that he is not a danger to children anymore ask him for a written statement to that affect. And tell the DCFS worker you speak to that he has completed treatment and has a release. My husband did his treatment 10 years ago and they will not give him a release because of the length of time and because he went every 2 weeks instead of every week....for 3 yrs.


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