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RIP Kevin Scott Foley

Posted on 01/01/14, 04:33 pm
Sort of old news, but we in the cause just found out about it.

For those who do not know, Kevin has passed away:


Obituary For: Kevin Scott Foley | Schmidt Funeral Home
Kevin Scott Foley passed from this life on Thursday, October 17th after blessing his family and wide circle of friends with love, unmatched humor and intelligence for 34 years.

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Sex Offender Issues http://www.kickstarter.com/.../american-sex-offender...

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Dave in the Philippines
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  • Reply #31 01/02/14  7:27pm
    Dave, I really hope your marriage will not be over, I hope you can find some kind of work there so you will never have to come back and endure more pain.

    I know your choices are limited, have you every thought of light trading in the markets, maybe like the TZA for the down side and 1 or so ETFs for the up?

    I really do feel your pain, I know these are just words but I am in the fight with all of you.

    Best regards

  • Reply #32 01/02/14  7:51pm
    sad how John Walsh is some how exempt from being put on the registry and he well knowingly had an affair with a 16 year old girl back in the day and possibly even a sexual relation and look at lunsford and how many sex crimes his possibly commited not saying he has just saying possibly because you never know his also exempt from the registry and lillly is right after probation so if you add up the time he is off probation and the 10 years it's way more then 10 years that's where they screw people over when there on for 10 years if they would make the 10 years take effect when you are on probation a lot of more people will be off the registry sooner then they are but they start the 10 years when you get off
  • Reply #33 01/03/14  9:23pm
    I keep thinking about this poor guy who killed himself. I'm from "back in the day". Not that "back in the day" was so great… but I keep thinking that I knew plenty of people who did things that would be crimes now that have gone on with their lives and have not really been that affected. Some of it is because people didn't make such a stink about it. I believe that 50% of what we consider damage from many (not all, course) sex crimes is from the boundary violations, but the other half is just from the big stink people make about it.

    There are many other kinds of boundary violations that do significant harm to people. Think about bullying, for example. People are finally starting to wise up about that but, from what I can see, they are starting to look at both the bullied and the bully as people who need help. That's the way it should be with sex offense, as well. The way we do it now just creates a huge number of crippled people, either by the trauma of abuse plus the trauma of a heartless system or the huge, unending punishment of this registry crap.

    An international Megan's Law? Crazy. Its not about safety. Its about control.
  • Reply #34 01/04/14  12:39am
    Peek did you see eadvocates keeping track of certain categories? http://truths-authority-factoids.bl...

    I'm sure many are missed because I noticed many times google searching the term... Sex offender then hitting news is very different than searching Florida sex offender. Cyber bullies are very deficient! I agree! Have you noticed they all act very similar? They obsess and love to generalize. They don't like scholars or studies at all. What ever delusional belief they have they will fight for. They don't respond like a normal person. People have different opinions and if yours is different they only know to attack. Most normal people just listen, read then form a opinion.

    People who generalize can't see shades of gray or different levels. Cyber bullies in a few years will be seen as dangerous people. It's already happening.
  • Reply #35 01/04/14  1:22am
  • Reply #36 01/04/14  3:12am
    FB, Hopefully cyber bulling a crime, I can think of one (FL) who's ignorance is just chilling! I feel for these parents, and I'm trying to wrap my mind around how other parents losing a child (AWA) years ago warrants this damage. When you take this child and add the high football streaker, the numbers are skewed. Then add in the sons trapped behind bars on false or trumped up charges and it just defies logic!
  • Reply #37 01/04/14  5:33am
    The topic of suicide is such a dangerous topic because we have people on this forum that speak about it often. We really need to focus in on hope.

    The cyber bullies are absolute monsters and are thrilled when the Romeo and Juliet kids hurt themselves. They never think of the Romeo and Juliet kids.

    So much of our legal system and legislature is completely broken.

    Following are the ten main innate emotional needs:

    1) Security. Safe territory and an environment which allows us to develop fully.

    2) Attention (to give and receive it) A form of nutrition.

    3) Sense of autonomy and control. Having volition to make choices.

    4) Being emotionally connected to others.

    5) Feeling part of a wider community.

    6) Friendship, intimacy and to know that at least one other person accepts us totally for who we are.

    7) Privacy and the opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience.

    8) Sense of status within social groupings.

    9) Sense of competence and achievement.

    10) Having meaning and purpose.

    Without these things a person will die emotionally.

    We must not let them do this to us or our loved ones. The registry is evil and it's purpose is to dehumanize all of us. This forum offers emotional support. It's one of a kind. For some it might be the only hope that things will get better. I do believe things will get better and people will see through the total lies that evil people have been spreading that has taken the lives of so many people that didn't deserve a death trap.
  • Reply #38 01/04/14  7:09am
    Peek - you are correct. My brother for one - he got his first wife preggie when she was 16 and he had returned from Vietnam - you should have seen his face when I told him that today he would be an SO
  • Reply #39 01/04/14  7:35am
    FB, thanks for the list. I often send things that are discussed to my LO. It does make a difference. Maybe it makes him feel like part of this community. Yes Advo, if we speak of these things in those terms it will break some ground for us.
  • Reply #40 01/04/14  8:39am
    Did you guys see the John Stossel interview on YouTube when he was talking to Wendy Murphy about Romeo and Juliet sex offenders and John asked how old her parents were when they began a relationship and she said... My mom was 15 and he looked at her and said... Your dad would be a sex offender today! She still didn't get it. Lol

    Goto any states registry and look at people on the registry. I picked Michigan and so many of the sex offenders are young and you can tell by the charge and conviction date what's probably going on. Also so many of the offenses are listed and if you look them up they are for minor offenses. That is what a high misdemeanor is suppose to represent. Indecent exposure is another common misdemeanor. The tier system is a complete joke! How can high misdemeanor offenses be listed as tier 2 or 3 offenses?

    Take a look at Amy on this forum. A sister with a young autistic brother that tries to protect her brother she loves from being publicly humiliated from vigilantes and evil monsters saying he should be killed. The vigilantes terrorize him and demand he can't live with his family to offer a young autistic boy a stable home environment. Instead he should have no support and live in extreme lonely poverty. That's just evil!

    Most people on this forum are loving family or friends of offenders just hoping loved ones can move on in life and not reoffend with a proper support system. Seriously what's wrong with that?


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