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Disney World Off Limits to Sex Offenders

Posted on 04/25/13, 06:46 pm
Heads up to any folks here that might want to take your children or grandchildren to Disney World---sex offenders are not allowed.

I received this today in an email. I thought it might be nice to post this since
the vacations season is upon us.

Follow the link:


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  • Reply #1 04/25/13  7:32pm
    I think any sex offender should probably steer clear of Florida entirely. Honestly, all people probably should.
  • Reply #2 04/25/13  7:40pm
    Yeah, those big red signs were pretty sickening.
  • Reply #3 04/25/13  7:52pm
    Remember SO laws are civil and not criminal. Being banned from public places are seeing as regulatory. As long as this interpretation of SO laws are seeing as such, Banned from malls, walmart are next on the lists.
  • Reply #4 04/25/13  8:05pm
    Eh, they'll rethink that once it starts hitting their bottom line...and at the rate people are added to the registry...
  • Reply #5 04/25/13  9:16pm
    I didn't know actually needed ID to enter the park?
  • Reply #6 04/25/13  11:14pm
    My thought too....how do they know who is who at the front gate?? I know u can pay by cash ( i think its 90 some dollars now for any disney park)...
    But ..again how do theu know??....curious...
  • Reply #7 04/25/13  11:55pm
    They found out by doing checks on those with season passes. Anyone paying cash at the entrance could get in easy, I imagine.

    Just like other articles, did you notice how many comments were on the side of SOs?
  • Reply #8 04/26/13  12:03am
    what else is new .we know what we cant do.what can we do?im tired of even probation officers not even having suggestions of what we are allowed to do or go .even with families . i believe al people should have rights .to work . live .and go where everyone else goes . but with someone that would be like an accountable person.long as you live normal and dont cause problems . people should be able to do as others in this world., families should be able to go anywhere long as they are together . i been to walt disney like 6 times growing up . it got boring after i became a teen ..but still was hoping someday me my hub and my son could go there for their first time .i guess its a no :( so what a re families allowed to do .sit home watch red box movies .and stay home ?im trying to buy a swing set for my son .since hub cant go to park. well have to make our own park ..if he cant be included in our son activities at public parks etc. i dont want to go to no public parks by myself or even with our son .we are family .families not to be seperated .
  • Reply #9 04/26/13  12:07am
    So sorry hurtingfamily. I know it's tough. I pray that this craziness will be found as unjust and the courts overturn these laws.
  • Reply #10 04/26/13  1:04am
    @ oneofthem: ROFLMFAO!!!!!!


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