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update: just got off the phone with my boy

Posted on 01/30/13, 08:19 pm
update: just got off the phone with my son - asked him if he thought it would be a good idea to write the warden and he thought that was a spendid idea. he was telling me that the guys (s.o.s) are working on it and felt somewhat optomistic about it. he said the new warden was a vast improvement over the dick they use to have (who did nothing about anything).

the new warden is making some changes, more seating in the dining hall, better food, she comes down and talks to the inmates and really seems to care. she got rid of some of the old guards* and re-staffed the place. he was telling me that they never should have created so much headache for something as miniscule as cell rotation, that with everything she has done to improve the place she really didnt deserve that kind of disrespect over something so stupid. seems it is over without too much fanfare everyones ready to move on.

the real reason he called was to send him this book that was recommended to him. thought i would share it with you, looks like a good way to pass the time for our guys. i may have to get a copy myself.

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2013: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career Changers

this is how we beat them. we work harder than most, we become stronger than most, we look out for each other ...in the 80's they had the campain on guns, 90's the drug users and runners.. - but they have never seen the likes of us. most people i talk to have had some sort of formal education. i myself have not...but we have got to be the most educated group they have tried to suppress - EVER!- and i really think they underestimate us...even some of our own members underestimate us..thank you very little.
true, as of yet we have few victories to count, we are only beginning, if everyone of us donated five dollars to a legal fund (rsol has one) it would give us so much leverage. we have lawyers willing to work hard for us, we have people ready to lobby and lobby and lobby, but we need the funds! if everyone wrote their legislators and organized it would make an impact, if everyone changed two of their neighbors minds on what constitutes the real make-up of the registry, life on the registry, we could be making headway here. how many new people do we see here weekly..and this is only the tip of the iceburg i am saddened to see so many in this, but glad you found us. i am thinking we have to put our best foot forward. find ways to beat the odds instead of having a pity party, do something about it there is no such thing as a small donation of time or money.

* the old guards at my sons prison...thought this was interesting and am wondering . you know they dont get fired that easy, but there seems to all of a sudden be some openings here....lol
Thirteen Former West Texas Prison Employees Indicted 1/30/13
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    Wow, a lady warden. I guess I just assumed that all the wardens were men at men prisons. I have always thought that a woman would do a better job of being a warden - like a mother hen watching over her flock.
    Glad to hear that your son seems to be doing ok.
  • Reply #2 01/30/13  11:07pm
    Jackie, glad things are looking up for your son-yeah! It sounds like he will be in a better situation. Women are more nurturing, aren't they?:-)

    My son called yesterday and I think he is beginning to realize that staying in prison longer may benefit him in the long run since it is taking his attorney longer to accomplish things that the PD couldn't do.

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    Not all men run prisons there are some women who do run prisons some can be good some can, be, bitches
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    thanks, i was pleasantly surprised at his report. now, if only he could get corrilinks, not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but oh, that would be so cool. he is such a good writer, i just love reading his stories.

    yea nathan, the asst warden is female and she is, well....not a nice person and the reason no one with his status is allowed corrilinks. i hope he makes an impression on the new warden while petitioning. we will see. i think anything is possible.
  • Reply #5 01/31/13  11:16am
    That is a Bummer that your son can't use corrlinks. My son doesn't call me that much anymore, but he emails me regularly. I penpal with a few others in different federal prisons and oddly enough at one place people with cp offenses that were several years ago can not use corrlinks, but newer people that arrive there with cp offenses can use corrlinks. That just makes no sense. In many states they have tried to make social media unavailable to sex offenders and it is being overturned due to unconstitutionality. It is like discrimination. Hey, hopefully the new warden sees things differently and allows all inmates the opportunity to use corrlinks. :)


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