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Writing a letter to your loved one in prison/jail....

Posted on 10/07/12, 10:59 pm
Ok, I am planning on writing a letter to my bf in jail. But I haven't ever written one and don't know all the ins and outs of doing it.

Any advice or ideas when writing your loved one in jail/prison?
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  • Reply #1 10/07/12  11:40pm
    All mail is read by corrections staff before delivery. Do not include any confidential information, same as when visiting in person and via jail to home calls , the phone calls are NOT private. Do not put stickers or seals on the envelopes. Must have a return address on it. Be sure to include your bf's inmate number, as well as his name, along with the jail name and address, when addressing the envelope. Books and the like can only be accepted straight from the manufacturer. I had a pamphlet from a well known religious entity returned back to me, Pi*sed me off, a religious pamphlet!!??
  • Reply #2 10/08/12  4:30am
    It depends on what facilitiy he is in. I send my husband, letters, magazines, books, and newletters and he gets all of them.
  • Reply #3 10/08/12  6:20am
    I have a penpal in Fed and was able to send him a brochure from my church...so it really depends on the jail.
  • Reply #4 10/08/12  11:42am
    Research the jail. My DH is only allowed postcards...which is incredibly frustrating.
  • Reply #5 10/08/12  7:05pm
    Check with the prison they will be able to give you some info. Tell your bf to cross out your address as soon as he can its just to you safe.
  • Reply #6 10/09/12  6:33pm
    County jail is a lot stricter than prisons. Like when my bf was in county jail, I couldn't print out stuff from the internet as well as the other stuff others have mentioned in here, but now that he's in state prison, I could print out anything and send it to him, I send pictures, puzzles. I even sent him a sexual story...but you can't send nude pics, yet he said he could get a subscription to playboy...whaaaaaaaaaat?? lol, but yeah you definitely should look up the rules for his specific jail. FamilyNoMore covered the basic ones that I'm sure every jail has, but there could be a looooooooot more rules as well.


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