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Best state/country for SO to live

Posted on 06/29/12, 04:24 pm
My son is presently nearing the end of serving time for his conviction as SO. I would like to know if there is anyone of any place that could better inform me as to where a SO can live with the least amount of problems. We are open to leaving the lower 48 or even the country. Any ideas or suggestions?
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    I have been told that there are several countries that SO's can legally enter and obtain citizenship WITHOUT being labeled an SO. UNLESS they travel back to the US,where the SO status stands as it did when he left the USA.
  • Reply #2 06/29/12  5:46pm
    I cannot recommend any specific state as I do not know the statutes regarding sex offenders in each state, but I can tell you states to avoid like the plague. Any state in the Bible Belt will have draconian, very harsh, and very severe laws against sex offenders.

    Most of the states in the Bible Belt have citizens who are no more than a bunch of ignorant hillbillies. These rednecks demand legislation that squeezes the "last pound of flesh" out of sex offenders. And the legislatures of these states are all too willing to pass these laws so they can be seen as "hard on crime."

    Even if there were a few lawmakers in these states that realize the ridiculousness of these sex offender laws, they do not have the courage to speak up because they do not want to look as if they are supporting sex offenders and child molesters.

    I spoke to one lawmaker about the residency restrictions and pointed out how they do not decrease sex offences, but they do alienate the sex offenders by making many of them homeless. I had all sorts of statistics to bolster my argument, but it did not matter. The representative actually said to me, "We realize that the residency restrictions do not work and they are probably counter productive, but there is no way that the legislature will overturn these laws."

    So, stay away from Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. You can look on the map and see the states to avoid. Too many fruitcakes live there.

    I do believe that Colorado is one of the best states for sex offenders. Kansas is still pretty good, but recently they have started passing a few laws that are not good. They didn't used to have residency restrictions.

    But stay away from the Bible Belt states--they are poison to sex offenders.


  • Reply #3 06/29/12  9:45pm
    well for the most part thats true key west is a pretty good spot to be theres quite a few so's down here and i have not reaally seen them not being able to find work. even in group when we got new members usually within a few weeks they had work. only problem is hopusing its gets a whole lot easier if your not trying to live in key west itself but up the keys also if you choose that options u dont have to worry bout school zones or day cares or stuff like that is all i key west except for one school 20 miles away. but for mainland florida rew is absolutly correct they have so's living in swamps with no running water .

  • Reply #4 06/30/12  9:37am
    I want to know what countries are SO friendly....I want OUT of this country!
  • Reply #5 06/30/12  11:09am
    I am definitely considering Costa Rica.. I have time to save some money.. My son still has 19 months to go in federal and 15 years probation. But it's ultimately up to him. I was thinking about getting dual citizenship and using Costa Rica as a base. I have done searches but have been unable to come up with other countries that would be as free as CR.
  • Reply #6 06/30/12  11:42am
    well costa rica you can still get arrested ffor not registering i read in the paper a few years ago about a guy who went there thinking that fbi arrested him an hauled him back to the us . costa rica is a protectoriate so u will still have same stuff there as well
  • Reply #7 06/30/12  7:38pm
    PA isn't too bad
  • Reply #8 07/01/12  3:03am
    This question comes up an awful lot.

    Worst states-- Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Washington, Georgia, Minnesota, and Missouri are the worst,
    the SE states suck in general,
    and remember 15 states have the Adamned Walsh Act:

    Ohio - 09/30/09
    Delaware -05/03/10
    Florida -05/18/10
    South Dakota - 10/15/10
    Michigan - 05/12/11
    Nevada - 05/12/11
    Wyoming - 05/12/11
    Louisiana - 07/07/11
    Alabama - 07/27/11
    Kansas - 07/27/11 (Possibly reconsidering)
    Maryland - 07/27/11
    Mississippi - 07/27/11
    Missouri - 07/27/11 (though they may renege on that compliance)
    South Carolina - 07/27/11
    Pennsylvania - 12/20/11

    As far as "best" states, think of them more as lesser evils rather than "best states" because they still suck, just suck less-- Oregon, Hawaii, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Colorado, Kansas (despite the AWA)and Nebraska

    Ohio can be good or bad depending on WHEN you were convicted.
  • Reply #9 07/01/12  5:16pm
    MN has only their worst on the PUBLIC registry which is about 3500 if even that. While they may never let you out if they civilly commit you, they do have a rating system and a tier system that can keep you off the public registry.

    WI is one that is pretty bad as far as what will get you on the registry and everyone is public. They have lifetime GPS that is mandated by statute and decided on by the SORP. Which means that if you have the correct types of charges on your record you could be deemed to need lifetime GPS if you move here.

    Oregon I have heard is OK as they have saner ways of the way they regulate things. Nebraska is starting to see the light but their AWA compliance laws are atrocious. If you have been convicted of the proper crime you will be registering every 90 days in every county that you live and work in. So if they are different then you would have to register 2 places every 90 days.

    No state is good, but they are right stay away from the Bible Belt and most of those below. NM I have heard isn't as bad but then again they don't have the populations that other states do.
  • Reply #10 07/01/12  6:01pm
    My hubby and I WERE thinking Indiana, but their laws seem to pretty excessive, so we are rethinking and thinking about OH-he was convicted in 99-..but for right now, we live in MI


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