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Anyone know anything about lifetime probation for ” vulnerable adults”

Posted on 06/05/12, 12:07 pm
My brother will be sentenced to lifetime probation this month. He has been diagnosed with medium to low functioning autism and is also been classified as a vulnerable adult by his doctor. that is why the prosecutor is ok not asking for jail time and from what I understand , once its time to assign a probation officer to him that PO will be trained specifically to work with special needs peolple????
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    Good point oneofthem!
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    Make sure he signs release paperwork so you can ask questions and the PO can directly answer them on behalf of him. Make sure all his restrictions and allowances are in writing. Have his/her number on speed dial and don't be afraid to call at any time if you come across a questionable situation. I'd be extra careful in his state of vulnerability. Get into treatment ASAP for him, and you if you plan on being his chaperone. The PO might take their sweet time like ours did, but just keep on top of it and they will get you in. If he is compliant and can successfully complete sex offender treatment, the PO can recommend early termination. Our PO says she has seen lifers terminate early numerous times, the average is about 10-20 years. She had one case where it was done in 5 years. Gives us some hope.
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    At gotfaith31310...I don't even fully understand what a chaperone is??
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    Everyone in my family agrees, if this turnes out to be something really intense (for whatever reason my brother doesn't think it will be at all) the odds are my brother won't be mentally strong enough and suicide will be what he considers to be his only way out.
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    a chaperone is a nice way to say babysitter.
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    He should already of been evaluated through DPS and they use a polygraph, MSI, and the Able and give him a level one, two, or three. Then he goes to the city he lives in where they fill out a questionnaire to decide if they keep the level or change it to their preference. There is a question on the evaluation sheet that states does he have a mental illness and this would give him 6 points if it is marked positive those extra points can raise his score to a level 2 depending on how other points are scored in the document. A Level 2 will get him flyered and that is difficult in the neighborhood where he lives. It will never be easy but better when everything is over with. Life goes on and just take each day as it comes. Unfortunately our prisons are filled with Learning Disabled and other handicapped adults.
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    omg sadsong, after reading your comment I got this over whelming sense of wanting to throw up and did so before I could even get to the bathroom. I dont k now how much more of this I can take. It is literally killing me.

    They PROMISED us that they would not flyer the neighborhood, in turn I promised my mom they would not. How can they do that to us? Everyone , from the judge, to my brothers attorney and including many sex offender advocates I have worked closely with told us that the kind of probation my brother would be on would be much easier than standard SO probation. No one said anything about him being bumped up a level because he has autism.
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    In your case it may be different. I am just telling you what happened to us. Maybe it is getting better - my husband is 60 now and got out around 10 years ago from prison. We did not get flyered until we moved to a smaller subburb of Phoenix where they changed his level because they could. He was a level one in Phoenix and it wasn't that bad. If your brother comes up a level one he will not be flyered. If they score him a level two he will be. That much is on the State of AZ web sight. We did try to fight it and we have the AZ Sex Offender Assessment Screening Profile for Regulatory Community Notification which shows how they get their point system. If the judge says that he won't get flyered then that shouldn't happen and they would keep him at a level one. Hope I didn't scare you. These are facts we did not know before we moved so I wanted to point them out. The system is terrible!
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    Amy, you can take a family support class which is like the introduction into being a chaperone. The place is called Family Transitions on 24th st and Thomas. This facility does testing and treatment for the court and probation. I took the class here, but since my husband did all his pretrial stuff here, we got assigned to a different treatment center, but they still are allowing me to go straight into the group sessions instead of taking the classes over again (it's a 6 week session, 1 evening a week). PM me if you have any other questions.


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