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Plea for letters to the USSC regarding CP sentencing

Posted on 06/04/12, 08:47 pm
If you or your loved one is charged with CP then this could greatly affect yours and their lives. PLEASE write letters and comment while we can to the U S Sentencing Commission. This can make a huge difference in sentencing in the future and a reduction in sentencing for many already incarcerated. I urge everyone to write. Dear Friends,

CAUTIONclick has made it our mission to urge families/friends who have been affected by the sentencing guidelines for possession of child pornography to advocate for sentencing reform supported by research and reason.

The United States Sentencing Commission is again asking for public comment regarding sentencing guidelines. We urge families and friends to contact the USSC with the requested information and include their personal stories.Public comment is due by July 23, 2012. I have attached a letter we have composed citing research and arguments. Please feel free to download, sign and share with family and friends to send to the USSC. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Here is an excerpt from the USSC and below is the link to download the complete proposed priorities:

As so prefaced, the Commission has identified the following tentative priorities:

(3) Continuation of its review of child pornography offenses and report to Congress as a result of such review. It is anticipated that any such report would include (A) a review of the incidence of, and reasons for, departures and variances from the guidelines sentence, (B) a compilation of studies on, and analysis of, recidivism by child pornography offenders, and
(C) possible recommendations to Congress on any statutory and/or guidelines changes that may be appropriate.

The Commission hereby gives notice that it is seeking comment on these tentative priorities and on any other issues that interested person believe the Commission should address during the amendment cycle ending May 1, 2013. To the extent practicable, public comment should include the following: (1) a statement of the issue, including where appropriate, the scope and manner of study, particular problem areas and possible solutions, and any other matters relevant to a proposed priority; (2) citations to applicable sentencing guidelines, statutes, case law, and constitutional provisions; and (3) a direct and concise statement of why the Commission should make the issue a priority.


NEW Federal Register Notice of Proposed Priorities and Request for Public Comment

The Commission is seeking comment on possible priority policy issues for the amendment cycle ending May 1, 2013. Public comment is due no later than July 23, 2012.
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  • Reply #1 06/05/12  12:01pm
    I wrote a letter to them regarding this a couple months ago, even so, should I write one again??
  • Reply #2 06/05/12  10:40pm
    Please, anyone that has a friend, husband, son or any other person incarcerated for this crime or currently going through court issues for child pornography, please take the time to write a letter.

    Congress armed with the right information might act to do what needs to be done. We need to assure them that changes need to be made and they need to be retroactive to relieve those already sentenced to very lengthy sentences.
  • Reply #3 06/06/12  12:31am
    I don't see the link to download the letter you mentioned.. Thanks for posting the info, Laurie727, I just pray that reason will prevail and lawmakers will pay attention!
  • Reply #4 06/06/12  5:47pm
    Laurie: Where is the letter you attached, I would like to send a letter as would so of my great RSO in my area. Could you let me know where you letter is so I can downloaded it.
  • Reply #5 06/06/12  9:40pm

    Here is the website it is on. It is about halfway down the page under NEW! There is a letter and a cover letter available to download and use. Be sure to also attach your personal story when you mail it in. You may want to take a look at the whole website if your loved one has been effected by internet CP.
  • Reply #6 06/07/12  10:58pm
    I took the 6 page document and condensed it into a one page document to make copies and take around to get signed. I am making 50 copies and setting that as my goal to send out. Making the letter one page made it more cost effective and easier for me to get them out to people. Anyone wanting a copy of what I have just email me (lauridraperjones@yahoo.com) or I can copy and paste it here and you can do the same onto a blank page. I
  • Reply #7 06/08/12  4:41am
    Also, there is a link to sign a petition to abolish the SO Registry. Please, please sign it and get anyone you know that would be willing to sign it.
  • Reply #8 06/08/12  4:47am
    Okay, after looking again at the web site, it appears that the last update to it was June 2011. Also, you may want to get an update on what was said on the legisilate acts that had been proposed.


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