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social security disability

Posted on 03/08/12, 03:10 pm
my husband applied yesterday. when i asked abut so thay said that being that didn't quaifly for ssd. i was told differently. confused. anybody know anything?
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  • Reply #1 03/08/12  3:15pm
    That doesn't seem right at all.... not sure though!
  • Reply #2 03/08/12  3:26pm
    I do not know from experience but I think that if he has post stress disorder over this situation , that might qualify him. Also I know there is some other reason related to this situation but I do not remember what it is. I think some other people here may know better. Sorry.
  • Reply #3 03/08/12  6:39pm
    This is what I got from a SSD claims supervisor a few months ago when the subject came up. Hope this helps you understand. There may be other things that your husband may qualify for SSD other than the SO label.

    "SSI and sex offenders really have no relationship at all. If an individual has a physical or mental impairment that prevents them from working, and meet the other screening criteria (need based), then they are eligible for SSI. Whether somone is on the sex offender registry or not has no bearing at all. What I can say is that there are a lot of disabilities that can't be seen, so it's sometimes the tendency to look at someone and say.."well if they can qualify, so can I", or "they are getting disability because of this". The magic formula includes age, education, past work experience, and the functional limitations imposed by a medically determinable mental and/or physical impairment. I can certainly understand where someone who has endured what Devin is going through may have an underlying mental diagnosis, whether that was existing prior to, or as a result of their circumstances, which could weigh heavily on their ability to sustain employment for a variety of reasons. We also do not consider the inability to find a job to equate to the inability to work. It simply boils down to whether someone has the ABILITY to work or not. We also consider all jobs in the national economy that an individual may be able to do. For example: if someone is a teacher and unable to teach or construction worker who is unable to find work, we look at other jobs that individual would be able to do. It can be kind of harsh sometimes. I've had to deny college professors and lawyers to "unskilled" jobs like fast food worker. I hope that is the type of information you are looking for and clears up any misconceptions that might be out there."

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  • Reply #5 03/09/12  4:39pm
    i know some one who is a RSO and does receive SSI so they shouldnt deny the person.
  • Reply #6 03/09/12  5:49pm
    According to the SSI administration, you can not get SSD just for being an SO. There HAS to other factors as to why you can't work. So the person who is an SO has other issues besides the label.
  • Reply #7 03/10/12  4:40pm
    he has many things wrong. 2 crushed disc in his back, nerve damage in both legs. also found out he is almost deaf and has a learning disability.i'm thinking he should get it.
  • Reply #8 03/10/12  5:08pm
    Also remember that if he is under any kind of legal work restriction that qualifies as a disability.
  • Reply #9 03/10/12  10:10pm
    "Also remember that if he is under any kind of legal work restriction that qualifies as a disability."

    That is exactly what I was told by people who work for the Social Security Administration. I think that OP misunderstood what was told her. I don't tell people just to go in and say because you're RSO that in itself is enough. You have to explain HOW this is negatively impacting you. I shouldn't have to coach people on the impact now, should I?
  • Reply #10 03/10/12  10:46pm
    I would hope this wouldn't be different form state to state, but I guess there are all sorts of things I have learned that differ from place to place when it comes to the federal government. Any person in Iowa will not get SSD unless they are physically or mentally incapable of working. The person I received my information from is head of claims in Iowa for Social Security Disability. If you can prove that the legalities or the situation has caused enough mental duress that you can not work then yes, you would receive payments, but I do know that it is a tough sell. I'm thinking after our situation, PTSD would come into play. Because it definitely has been a traumatic experience so far!


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