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companies that hire sex offender

Posted on 01/26/12, 10:18 pm
my son who is 16 will be out next year and on parole for 4 years and will be a rso for life. Where and what company will give a rso a chance? Will he be able to go to college and get financial aid and also go back to high school? I worry about his challenges he will have to endure. i am in Oregon, plz anyone with answers!
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    ok well i might be able to help you i dunno about high school because my offense happend after high school but i can tell you he will not be able to get a grant at all for college he can get loans and that's about it but with him being a felon and a RSO he will be denied a grant this is thanks to our wonderful goverment and as for work he'll just have to try his best to find a job alot of places will say no because of his record but it never hurts to try and with college he would have to let the school know and the campus police know also register the school his got alot of work ahead of him and more then likely if he does what his suppose to do and everything goes ok he will be able to get off he would just have to petition the judge and see what he says but he would have to set goals and complete everything to do that
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    What about being self-employed? He's lucky, ironically, that he's young. He should stretch his imagination and think of something to do that doesn't require "being hired." Many men who are older don't have this kind of latitude. They have to live with the skills they have and can't necessarily go into self-employment. Your son might also consider moving to another country. He'll be off parole at 20. He can get his passport back. He could go and never have to deal with this shit.
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    ya this is something i'm thinking about doing and that's become my own employee there are alot of things you can do when your your own boss just gotta find what your good at
    and only person who can say no to you is your self
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    I would start by going to placement companies. They will try their best to find employers that will hire him.
    Also, if you aren't an Oregon RSOL member, I would contact your state leader, they might have some answers for you as well. There is also another group called SOSEN. They have a HUGE amount of information on thier site as well as individual state groups. I know they have an Oregon group.
    Here are the links
    Hope this helps!
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    here is your Oregon state RSOL leader's information:
    Primary Contact: Shelley Ledbetter
    Postal Address: P.O. Box 1857 Pendleton, OR 97801
    Website: http://www.oregonvoices.org/
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    Sixteen and a life sentence, how terrible! My heart goes out to you!
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    Those under 18 with these permanent records should really REALLY write your personal stories to the politicians. Information on another recent post I put up and somom answered with the address of where to send them.
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    I wrote and wrote to representatives about my 17 year old son's charges. They DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!! They won't care until it happens to their child!

    To answer your question about employment......
    Check out this website
  • Reply #9 01/28/12  11:30pm
    I know you did. And you fight awfully hard. My heart breaks over these underage sentences. I cannot imagine why many crimes are not charged as adults, but as juveniles. But when it comes to sex - BAM! Even the kid is 8 years old he can get handled like an adult..

    But it the offense involves CP, it seems that Vicki Henry and CautionClick both have access to lawmakers interested in reviewing the laws. CP is up 2500% and apparently someone is interested in our stories.
  • Reply #10 01/28/12  11:33pm
    Thank goodness! That's great news! I'm glad to hear that there are people fighting the CP laws! IT's crazy! I am a firm believer in prosecuting those who CREATE the sites, not those who might accidentally view them!
    But, then again, that would mean going after our own governmental agencies! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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