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life after probation

Posted on 01/23/12, 11:54 am
My boyfriend is currently on probation. He has about 1 1/2 years left ( if he keeps up his "good behavior") we live in Hillsborough cty FL and was wonder if anyone knew what the restrictions are for an RSO following probation. Is there a site I can locate that info?
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  • Reply #1 01/23/12  2:18pm
    I have wonder that as well. I get different views. here in Texas it is a lifetime registry. My husband has a long 9 years left. After that we are leaving Texas for good. I am going to find a state that does bot do lifetime regisrty.
  • Reply #2 01/23/12  2:48pm
    Once off probation my boyfriend will be life time on registry as well. It recently changed here in FL
  • Reply #3 01/23/12  3:55pm
    his P.O should of gaven him a list of do's and dont's when he was put on probation and places he could go to and not go to this is given when you are on probation also contact your state ROSL to assit you with any other questions
  • Reply #4 01/24/12  8:27pm
    Here is a resource for Florida. This shows his requirements as a registrant.


    Lots of luck with the good behavior! Hopefully all goes well!
  • Reply #5 01/26/12  5:53pm
    Has anyone noticed the advertisement to the right of our discussion. its for a new series called "I Want My Pants Back." A couple actors look like teens. This is too ironic - On a website for sex offenders!!
  • Reply #6 01/27/12  1:27am
    Claire, that is ironic haha! But I've never had ads like that show up for me. They generate depending on your internet activity. So it kinda loses the irony..... Mines currently about grants and comcast.

    Jenny, he should have already received that information from his PO. I'd check with your state's RSOL and have him get them from his probation office.
  • Reply #7 01/27/12  2:38am
    i told her the samething and only way he can get those types of ad's is looking at porn
  • Reply #8 01/27/12  10:37am
    @ Nathan - don't know what you mean - you told me the same thing or some other "her" the same thing? And what thing?

    And it wasn't a porn ad - it was an ad for a new MTV show. I thought the title was clearly aimed at teens and early twenty-somethings, but entirely the wrong title to show up on a sex offender site. Maybe that ad came to me because I am in a university and that tags me as young (which I am not.) Or maybe because I look up a lot of material ABOUT porn, since its part of my dissertation (gee, it used to be the Cold War - then this happened - now its about moral panic. Funny how life alters your plans.)
  • Reply #9 01/28/12  6:02am
    Thank you all cor the feed back. Unfortunatly RSOL did not have an answer. Iamgoing.....thank you for the link that helped somewhat but of course it was still pretty vague. They never gave him a list of dos and donts it pretty much goes by his P.O.s mood from day to day what he can and can't do that's why I am so eager to know what happens when we don't have that "guidance."
  • Reply #10 01/28/12  9:50am
    Jenny, there isn't really a list of "dos and don'ts" like on probabtion. My guy is an SO and he can live anywhere he wants, (his crime was before 1995) he can no longer work in schools (even though he is an electrician and has done a lot of work rewiring schools) because of Jessica Lunsford Law. He can go anywhere he wants and be around anyone he wants...yes, even kids that don't belong to him. When your guy goes to register his 1, 2, or 3 times per year that he is required, they will give him his restrictions and requirements. Such as...coming in 2x, giving address, work address, car make, model, year, tag, boat, etc., email address and IM names, home phone and cell phone...all of which will be on the public registry in Florida. (I'm sure they already have his DNA, as that was a new requirement too) I know it sounds awful, but as long as those things are done, he should be fine! There is no nagging "guidance", just the state requirements. As long as he follows all that then he should be fine. LIfe is better for an SO after probation as long as they follow the laws.


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