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Best state for SO's to live in

Posted on 10/21/11, 02:11 am
Does anyone know which state or states that have the least restrictions on SOs?
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  • Reply #1 10/21/11  6:40am
    MN isn't all that bad either.. they only put on the tier 3 people on the public registry and they don't put everyone at tier 3... it is the home to Patty Wetterling and she has been doing things to reverse the damage done there...
  • Reply #2 10/21/11  7:42am
    Colorado has no residency restrictions, but according to a lawyer in Colorado, being on probation is very difficult there.
  • Reply #3 10/21/11  11:52am
    Back in 2006, there were only three states where the age of consent was 18. Colorado being 15.

    How many more people would be on the registry if all states had been 18?

    In one state your a monster, life ruined forever. In another state, you were not even arrested.
  • Reply #4 10/21/11  11:57am
    Great information. Thanks.

    Do some states leave certain aspects of the registry up to the local sheriff ? or Is it all mandated without any discretion period?
  • Reply #5 10/21/11  12:17pm
    PA isn't too bad..no residency restrictions statewide. There are a few towns that have them, but from my understanding they're being challenged. My hubby's on probation, but when he's off, he can go wherever, do whatever. He will have to register yearly, and update due to job or home changes. But, his employer isn't listed on the website, only the town it's in, and he doesn'thave to give my vehicle info or anything
  • Reply #6 10/21/11  11:04pm
    Utah is not bad, no restrictions.
  • Reply #7 10/21/11  11:14pm
    Hawaii has a registry but not a public one, no restrictions either. Haven't no experience yet, but my partner is Hawaiian and hopes to go back, first because it is "home" and second because what happened to him here in California was political and it is currently know to be one the top three worst places to be as a RSO.
  • Reply #8 10/22/11  2:06am
    This is a great question and one my husband and I have been wondering about too. Once he completes parole we want to get out of California, it is bad here and only getting worse by the day.
  • Reply #9 10/22/11  8:35am
    Great info. I'm really glad I joined this group. It helps to know your not suffering alone.
  • Reply #10 10/22/11  11:53am
    Welcome aboard sadaunti, you are not suffering alone. Glad to have you here. You can get to know me through my video. http://youtu.be/Q0cBZcc6FmI


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