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Oklahoma - Letter from Attorney on so registry

Posted on 08/14/11, 11:13 am
To anyone in Oklahoma who is affected by the registration laws, I am sharing this letter from an attorney who is successfully removing or lowering classification levels of individuals in Oklahoma. His name is David Shane, Oklahoma City. Phone: 405-319-1800, Email: davidrslane@hotmail.com. Unfortunately my son's offense occurred in Texas so I am battling with the parole office there before I can battle with Oklahoma. This attorney will accept payments, hope it might help somone. Here are excerpts from his letter.

Two recent Oklahoma Court Decisions may alter or remove your obligation to register as a sex offender.

On October 28, 2010, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals issued a unanimous opinion that amends the Sex Offender Registration Act, which became effective an an individual's plea agreement that was not applicable to that individual. On February 14, 2011, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals also ruled in favor of sex offenders.

Both courts held that "The amendments (changes) to the statutes are substantive. The amendments do not simply alter or clarify the procedure or method of registration. If the amendments are given retroactive effect they would create an obligation that Appellee register. As retroactive application of the amended statutes would alter Appellee's obligations, the amendments are substantive and without a clear expression from the Legislature that the amendments were to be given retroactive effect, must only be applied prospectively."

This means that if the amendments (changes) to the Sex Offender Registration Laws passed since 1999 have created new obligations or requirements that were not in effect or part of your original plea agreement or sentence, you are eligible for relief including removal from the registry. No longer is the fight about arbitrary artifical levels that have been created by the Department of Corrections. We now have the law on your side to restore your rights.

David Slane and his associates were among the first attorneys in Oklahoma to successfully challenge the new sex offender registration laws. Time and time again our law office has forced the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to remove or lower the classification level of individuals throughout the state. We have the knowledge, experience and willingness to protect your rights.

He goes on to say to call him or email him to determine eligibility, and he will now make payment plans.

I hope this might help someone - at least it looks like someone is fighting out there! Bless yall
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  • Reply #1 08/14/11  12:02pm
    If it applies in Oklahoma, it should apply anywhere, depending on the year the registry began in each state.
  • Reply #2 08/14/11  1:15pm
    Great information! Thank you for posting this!
  • Reply #3 08/16/11  1:30am
    I wish it applied in texas...thanks a great post !


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