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RSOL Conference in Missouri

Posted on 07/30/11, 06:27 pm
Hey all - Is anyone going to the RSOL Conference in St. Louis, MO on August 12-14? I would like to find someone to room with. It's a nice $89 night so divided in two the rate isn't that bad. I have to bring my lovely dog along, so roommate "must love dogs." Ladies only please (I guess that would be obvious, but you know....)

See conference details at: https://sites.google.com/site/rsoln...
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  • Reply #1 07/30/11  10:26pm
    I can hook you up with someone in RSOL who is going. Email me and I will send you the contact name for the organizer of the conference. I'm sure she'll know someone!
    BTW.....I'll be there! Would love to meet you!
  • Reply #2 07/30/11  10:27pm
    I meant message me! LOL!
  • Reply #3 07/31/11  12:05am
    Can you tell me the specific laws under fire so I can educate myself. My 76 yr old father has fallen victim to these issues. I want to be a change agent.
  • Reply #4 07/31/11  8:34am
    I was all set to go, planning to go, looking forward to going....and then my life took a hard left when I had to make the decision to move my mother next door to me and stay home to "look after" her for the time being...(more on that subject in my journal LOL). Anyway, I am now looking for the "next" conference I can attend. I want to go to one to be able to network and get more involved. Looking at Austin and Texas Voices conference as a possibility. Anyone know of anything going on After national? I plan on having my life back SOON....By fall, I can attend pretty much anywhere anytime, if there is something to attend! I hate I am missing Missouri!!
  • Reply #5 07/31/11  12:23pm
    The most severe of laws is the Adam Walsh Act (AWA) and the SORNA Laws. Those are National Laws that the lawmakers in Washington are wanting each state to implement.
    As far as state laws, each state is different, so you will have to join a group in your state or research them on your own. I can with Indiana laws and I'm sure others on here, like Wisconsin can help with her state laws.
    Let us know if we can help!
  • Reply #6 08/01/11  7:59am
    Where can I get more information on Florida laws? or groups to join? Thanks


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