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Mark Lunsford and child porn on his computer i know this is old news but i thought i would share it

Posted on 06/08/11, 04:55 pm
May 7, 2007

Mark Lunsford, father of Jessica Lunsford, the 9 year old Florida girl who was abducted from her home, sexually assaulted and murdered by John Evander Couey in 2005.

Seemingly overnight, Mr. Lunsford’s tragedy transformed him from a scrawny dirt truck driver with a checkered past into celebrity victim’s advocate with the coaching and counseling of John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted. That is where he took a wrong turn.

What started out as a noble mission for him to lobby for changes ( supposedly to better protect children) was lost instead to vengeance. It has always been John Walsh’s “M.O.” to seek vengeance through his “tears of rage” over the murder of his own son 26 years ago. He is effective at getting people locked up after a crime has been committed, but has done nothing to prevent these horrific crimes from occurring. He may in fact, be making the situation worse. Therefore, NO child IS saved and no child will be saved until people’s mindsets start changing. Logic, not emotion, must be our guiding light.

There is dark side of Mark Lunsford, which has been kept from the view of most of the public and for good reason. The laws that he is fighting so aggressively for are paradoxically, against people convicted of crimes for which he himself may be guilty. It has been said that “He who yells the loudest, usually has the most to hide”. Mark Lunsford’s past history clearly reflects this euphemism.

According to CNN transcripts and The Citrus County Chronicle, Mr. Lunsford wasn’t as great a parent as he would have us believe and could very likely be on the sex offender registry himself as a repeat offender. Since the enactment of the Adam Walsh Act removes the statute of limitations for sex crimes he may very well end up as a registered sex offender before all is said and done.

Angela Bryant, mother of Jessica Lunsford has publicly stated that she and Mr. Lunsford began “dating” when she was 16 years old. Mr. Lunsford was 26 years old at the time, and had already been married and divorced once and had three children of his own. The legal age of consent is 18 in most states. Depending upon which State(s) the "dating" occurred this activity could have brought charges of statutory rape and/or sexual abuse as it has for so many others throughout the country. The Law Firm claiming to represent Mr. Lunsford has kindly informed me that the "dating" occurred in Ohio and North Carolina where the legal age of consent is 16. No mention of the states in between, or of that of Florida, where the legal age of consent is 18.

Ms. Bryant also claims that Mr. Lunsford was very abusive towards her and that is what led to their divorcing a few years later when little Jessica was just one year old. Additionally charges were filed against Mr. Lunsford in North Carolina for assaulting an ex-girlfriend, but the charges were dismissed when the victim failed to appear in court.

I know what you’re thinking, this is different, right? I mean this poor man’s child was murdered…Keep reading.

Ms. Bryant also tearfully claimed that Mr. Lunsford did everything he could to keep little Jessica from her. A very unfortunate and, all too common consequence of divorce is that one parent uses the child as a “pawn” in order to get back at the ex-spouse. Apparently this was the case and it was little Jessica who paid the price. She spent the last 8 years of her 9 year life without a Mom. *Mr. Lunsford's law firm admantly denies all of this and is insisting that I include Mr. Lunsfords rebuttal (ie. denial that the information is accurate). Readers must make their own decision on who is telling the truth.

The strangest and most hypocritical twist of all however, is what investigators found on Mr. Lunsford’s home computer during the investigation of his daughter’s murder. According to the Citrus County Chronicle a handful of Child Pornography images were found. But since they were not downloaded or saved but simply viewed, Mr. Lunsford's lawfirm denies these allegations as well and was even kind enough to send us documentation which miraculously obsolves Mr. Lunsford completely. Because the images were not saved, technically, there was no child pornography posession. Hmmm. Look but don't save it?

Along with the child pornography images that "someone" looked at, was a list of almost 50 “sexually orientated” websites that Mr. Lunsford had visited on the morning before little Jessica disappeared.

Mr. Lunsford of course tried to deny these claims, but investigators have publicly confirmed the information as accurate.

Interestingly, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has declined to file charges against Mr. Lunfsord for any of this.

Enter the story of Dale Fullwood, also of Florida. Mr. Fullwood’s 6 year old daughter Coralrose, was abducted from the family home on September 17, 2006. She was later found murdered. DNA evidence shows there was more than one perpetrator involved in the crime and that the little girl was also sexually assaulted.

Mr. Fullwood is NOT suspected of killing his daughter. During the investigation into her death however, just like in Mark Lunsford’s case, police found evidence of child pornography on Mr. Fullwood’s computer.

However, in this case the Florida Department of Law Enforcement did a complete backflip. The State of Florida ruthlessly took custody of Mr. Fullwood’s four remaining children and has denied him and his (common law) wife unsupervised visits. The State then charged him with two counts of child pornography. He was arrested and jailed on $50,000.00 bond. His trial is set to begin this July.

How can we explain this?????

Is Coralrose’s Dad’s grief and tragedy of losing a child any less than that of Mark Lunsford’s? The State claimed the Fullwood children were living in deplorable conditions. That Mr. Fullwood’s wife has major medical problems and doesn’t or isn’t able to clean the home.

So what’s the story? If you commit a sex crime in Florida be sure to keep a clean house so you can get away with it? Or, was it perhaps, that Mr.Fullwood chose not to follow in Mr. Lunsford’s footsteps pushing for harsher laws to avoid scrutiny? Perhaps Coralrose’s murder did not garner the amount of media coverage and outrage because her perpetrators are not registered sex offenders. How do I know this? Because DNA evidence was recovered from the scene and registering as a sex offender also requires registering one’s DNA with authorities. If in fact, her killers were registered sex offenders, they would have been picked up immediately. Names would have been released and a manhunt would have ensued. That didn’t happen. Coralrose’s killers have not been caught. They are still out there somewhere. How did any of the multitude of laws we already have protect her?

Mr. Lunsford at least has closure. His daughter’s killer has been brought to justice. He also has his freedom nor does he face having to live out the rest of his life as a registered sex offender for his actions.

Mr. Fullwood however, does not have closure over the death of his daughter. Her killers remain at large. He has also lost his four other children and most likely his freedom. He now faces prison time and life as a registered sex offender for viewing child pornography. While child pornography IS dispicable the fourteenth amendment is suppose to guarantee equal protection under the law as well as equal punishment for equal acts. Clearly this is NOT happening. How can we view Mr. Lunsford as hero while selling Mr. Fullwood down the river? Why should Mr. Lunsford be allowed unlimited access to anyone’s children anytime, anywhere, while Mr. Fullwood is kept from holding the only children he has left?

If there has been any doubt in anyone’s mind that these sex offender laws and a farce, rife with corruption and only convicting people when the states “feel” like it, then this paradox should fully extinguish that doubt. We should ALL be thoroughly outraged and begin taking a much harder and closer look into the way things are “getting done” here in America.


Dad of murdered girl sentenced in child porn case

Sarasota, Florida - A Sarasota Judge has sentenced the father of a murdered 6-year-old girl to a year in jail after his no contest plea to possessing child pornography.

Dale Fullwood, 47, could have been given five years in prison.

Prosecutors had asked Judge Charles Roberts to send Fullwood to jail for two years, but the judge handed down the lesser sentence.

Fullwood had two videos on his home computer depicting a child being sexually assaulted.

His arrest came just weeks after his daughter Coralrose was found sexually battered and murdered near the family's home in North Port. what PISSES me off the most is i saw the report from the newspaper which they somehow pulled offline saying he DID have child porn on his PC now they did not charge him "Because he had been through enough" but Laurie's son is sitting in prison for 20 YEARS 20 YEARS for doing the same thing Mark lundsford has done he that is total BS! and the part about his wife saying they had sex when she was 16???? come on something is way wrong here!!!!!!!
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    Mark Lunsford also has stock in tracking systems and it is to his advantage to push these laws so he can profit from them.

    If anyone thinks that he is a real advocate for children, they are either ignorant of the profit margin here and what he is really doing or stupid.

    He is causing more harm to children than one can imagine.

    I consider Mark Lunsford as part of the problem and not at all a part of the solution!!!!!
  • Reply #2 06/08/11  7:36pm
    I'm glad you posted this. I live in a nearby county in Florida, and Mark Lumsford's demeanor throughout and subsequently has always left me in a state of disbelief. "Oh that poor man" etc. --- I am sad his daughter was kidnapped/nurdered. I am glad her murderer will not go free. BUT...Lumsford needs to accept some responsibility in the ordeal as well. He used his poor daughter's death for profit and that makes me SICK. Many in the area feel as I do. How dare he.
  • Reply #3 06/08/11  7:47pm
    I myself would just LOVE to go on TV and have a debate with him oh yeah i cant have a battle of wits with a unarmed person i would blow him out of the water!
  • Reply #4 06/09/11  5:26pm
    Yeah.. I used to know someone who is friends with him. Not sure if he is anymore. As I stopped talking to that person a long time ago. He put's on a good "woe is me" act but he takes no responsibility for things he has done. Of course I am very sad for what happened to his daughter, but he turned it into a circus. He made a lot of money.

  • Reply #5 06/10/11  12:26pm
    Firecracker., I just want to correct one piece of misinformation. The age of consent is NOT 18 in most states -- only in 11 or 12. In most, it is 16. That would, of course, only apply to state charges. For federal offenses, it is 18.


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