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What state?

Posted on 08/14/10, 11:22 am
My wife was laid off and I am disabled. We are trying to see where the best state to live for a sex offender. We have looked into a few states and its difficult to find what applies depending on the date of the offense. We have found that before August 10, 1994, former sex offenders are not required to register. This is great for offenders before then, but we don't really want to move that far away and we are not sure how we would be able to go through Canada since they do not let ex-con, let alone ex sex offenders, pass through the country.
So what we are looking to find out is what would be the second best state to live for an ex offender convicted in 1994? We would appreciate ANY help you can provide.
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    I can tell you that Georgia does not have residency restrictions at this point. They just dropped the residency restrictions about a month ago. Floriday, Texas and Oklahoma are the worst.
    I hope this helps!
  • Reply #2 08/14/10  11:55am
    I am not sure what you mean by: "We have found that before August 10, 1994, former sex offenders are not required to register." My husband's conviction was in 1991 and when the Adam Walsh Act passed, he was caught in the retroactive registration, we found that out earlier this year when he was arrested for failure to register. I think you may have left something out, were you speaking of the State of Alaska? If so, I have heard that also. As RWsMom said, Georgia has made some significant changes.
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    Hawaii is an expensive place to live if you are on a limitee income, yet they were the first state to make it unconstitutional to make sex offenders records available to the public.

    "November 21, 2001, the Hawaii Supreme Court's ruling in The State of Hawaii versus Bani shut down the State's sex offender registry web site, and access to all public sex offender information was terminated, based on the Supreme Court's due process requirement for public notification."

    Downloaded online from -- http://hawaii.gov/ag/cpja/main/rs/F...
    on 8.14.10
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    Sorry my links just don't want to download!
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    Ummm.... people! Haven't you heard of ex post facto laws? No law can be ADDED to your sentence! You can fight this!!!!!!!!!! It's unconstitutional!
    In Indiana alone we have won three law suits on this same matter since January!
    No state can add more to a sentence than what your were sentenced to!
    Augh! Do not let them do this to you!
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    RWsMom, you might want to check out my new facebook page "Who Is Really Protecting Our Children?" I am the new RSOL Organizer for the State of South Carolina and very adamant on protecting our children's rights against the laws that are trapping them in this system. I have a son who was also arrested, due to a diary entry by a young lady who lied about her age. Since we had no money (and still don't) his attorney insisted on a plea bargain, "to protect him against a 25 year prison sentence." He will be on the sex offender registry about 16 more years as he has suffer through approximately 9 years thus far. Yes ma'am I know about the ex-post-facto law in my husbands case, but with no money to fight it, what recourse do we have? I am trying hard to find ways to change things and have only been affiliated with RSOL for a week or so now. Any assistance that anyone can offer will be gratefully acknowledged.
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    I knew that SC has a new affiliate. Sorry I didn't respond to the emails to welcome you to RSOL!
    Yes, there are still ways to fight the laws,
    1) go online and search for the ACLU and write to them with a compliant.
    2) go online and get the paperwork for Post Conviction Relief, and file it yourself. Then if you receive a notice from the courts for a new trial, contact the Publi Defender. A lot of places have pro bono attorney's also. Just google probono attorney's SC
    3) Write a letter to the judge and PA to ask for a sentence modification to release him from the registry. I think after ten years you can petition the courts anyway to have him expunged from registry requirements. It differs in every state.
    What you can do, and is most helpful, is to read the SC laws carefully! Look up expost facto laws, the Constitution of SC and the sex offender criminal codes, residency restrictions, probation requirements and registry requirements.
    Then you can go from there with fighting the laws..... you have to know them before you can fight them!
    Email me if you need help!
    RSOL/SOSEN Indiana State Leader
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    Cherokee49, Yes I mean to say that was Alaska. Sorry!

    Thank you for all the info so far. I have been leading towards Georgia as I too learned about the changes on the lack of restrictions on housing and so forth. My wife has applied to every position she can find in her field but with the economy as bad as it is, there are so many people out of work locally they don't want to hire someone out of state. Now because my wife is on unemployment, they have canceled my SSI and my medicaid. I know that sounds strange, but the limits on unearned income, like unemployment, is $1011 a month vs the limits on earned income being $2131. If we earn $2100, I can keep my SSI and medicaid, but by drawing the max unemployment, which is $275 a week, ($1100/mo), I loose it all.
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    Believe it or not denovo, we live here in South Carolina on an income of $674 a month, that is what my husband's SSI is, we get $208 a month in food stamps and believe me we thank God for every bit of it. We have been blessed by a wonderful woman who happened to own the empty house next door to her and took us in and gave us the house, we worked do odd jobs to pay the utilities until my husband got his SSI just about a year ago.
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    Thanks so much RWsMom, I appreciate your help, God bless you!


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