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  • Duplicate Post

    Posted by red55 - 04/14/14, 08:29 am

    We are still having duplicate post and I am trying to keep the duplicates deleted. Please post on the active thread . If you post on the duplicate and it is deleted please repost on the active thread... Thanks... RED%%

  • Resources for Information

    Posted by wisconsinrsol - 01/08/14, 04:44 pm

    Submitted by Dave in the Phillipines First, this board can be a great help, and a good place for consolation and support. Secondly, look at the big reform groups out there, see which ones offer you the most, which ones align with your beliefs on how reform and change need to come about. Thirdly, ...

  • Services Provided by Members of the Forum

    Posted by wisconsinrsol - 11/01/13, 12:48 pm

    I have created this area for those that would like to advertise the services they provide.  I didn't think that it was appropriate to put this kind of item under For Sale type things which is why I created this new article. Please let me know if you have a service that you would like advertise...

  • Hug

    EchoMoon (08/27/14)

    an extra big hug right back at ya'll!

  • Hug

    EchoMoon (08/27/14)

    hugs from our kids are wonderful things and i'm so very, very glad that you got one!!!!

  • Prayer

    maisr (08/26/14)

  • Hug

    quitabug (08/26/14)

    Just got a hug, from my son, last one for a while! Thought you all might need one too!,, Thanks for being so supportive and great friends

  • Hug

    simplexity (08/10/14)

  • Hug

    EchoMoon (08/04/14)

  • Hug

    NicoleDavis (08/03/14)

    You all are the best friends anyone can ask for. you never judge or ask question after question you are just there for me and anyone who may need help. And that is the meaning of a TRUE friend In case someone hasn't mentioned in the last 24 hours ALL of you are the greatest and I am more than ...

  • Hug

    DaisyMae8 (07/13/14)