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  • Duplicate Post

    Posted by red55 - 04/14/14, 08:29 am

    We are still having duplicate post and I am trying to keep the duplicates deleted. Please post on the active thread . If you post on the duplicate and it is deleted please repost on the active thread... Thanks... RED%%

  • Resources for Information

    Posted by wisconsinrsol - 01/08/14, 04:44 pm

    Submitted by Dave in the Phillipines First, this board can be a great help, and a good place for consolation and support. Secondly, look at the big reform groups out there, see which ones offer you the most, which ones align with your beliefs on how reform and change need to come about. Thirdly, ...

  • Services Provided by Members of the Forum

    Posted by wisconsinrsol - 11/01/13, 12:48 pm

    I have created this area for those that would like to advertise the services they provide.  I didn't think that it was appropriate to put this kind of item under For Sale type things which is why I created this new article. Please let me know if you have a service that you would like advertise...

  • Hug

    beachangel83 (03/26/14)

    For everyone whose lives have been turned upside down and inside out by sex offense whose days are now racked with pain guilt anger sadness threats hatred betrayal and everything that goes along with it

  • Hug

    phi5705 (03/16/14)

  • Hug

    alexsmommy912 (01/09/14)

    For everyone here, today was a good day for me. I'm sending hugs, prayers, and anything else that you need. I have gotten so much from all of you so I'm sending it back!!

  • Hug

    JD1962 (10/17/13)

    Thinking about all in the group. Sad why we are here but so Thankful we have each other. Hugs to all and hope you are able to find joy in this evening in spite of it all

  • Hug

    Secondtry2013 (09/13/13)

    I am alone, standing on a bridge. Will someone come take me home?

  • Hug

    october2014 (05/27/13)

    Sending good thoughts and God's blessings on this Memorial Day to all who have served our country in the armed forces. I am the great niece, granddaughter, niece, daughter, sister, ex-wife, ex-sister-in-law, mother, and fiancee of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and Coast Guard troops. I know i ...

  • Flowers

    hurtingfamily (05/11/13)

    JUST wanted to send all the moms and moms to be . a hug . HAPPY mothers day MOMS . from one mom to another !!hope your day is peaceful and GBU

  • Hug

    hurtingfamily (05/03/13)

    hugs to everyone GBU and hope you have a peaceful weekend to come .