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  • John 16:13

    Posted by GuelsMom - 10/18/11, 03:24 am

    "I [Jesus] have said this to you, that in Me you shall have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."


    Posted by GuelsMom - 10/02/11, 01:10 pm

    As a Christian Estrangement forum, we welcome people of all Christian denominations to post here. However, because this is a Christian oriented estrangement group, I thought we needed to have some unique guidelines to address a couple issues that have arisen in the past in order to prevent re-occurr...

  • Hug

    edr1961 (08/14/14)

  • Hug

    whyonlychild (07/07/14)

    Thanks to each of you for your support and care. You understand as n o one else can. So glad this group exists and I was directed to it. Only we can understand each others' pain. This Wednesday my husband has an appointment to see surgeon regarding removal of some skin cancer. This could ...

  • Flowers

    whyonlychild (06/09/14)

    Thank you each for welcoming me and giving me your words of wisdom. I know I have lots to learn but it's great to be able to do so with "friends" who really care. Not being alone and with people who share the same problems helps so much

  • Prayer

    whyonlychild (06/08/14)

    Thank you to those who have messaged me and become my friends. I look forward to being in contact with more of you and also joining in friendship. We each have our own story but looks like the same hurt and pain. As we go hand in hand in this walk, my prayers are with each of you. I've just ...