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Dental Problems and Prednisone

Posted on 01/15/09, 07:23 pm
I've been inclined towards problem teeth & gums since childhood but after I was officially diagnosed with Lupus & put on my various drugs (Prednisone, Methotrexate & Plaqenil) I experienced an improvement in in my teeth & gums. I went for a cleaning today (I go at least 3 times a yr) & it was horrible. The hygienist said my gums were pretty swollen, plaque seemed to be worse, some tartar. The pain was on a scale of 1 to 10 abt 18 & bleeding too. After the cleaning the dentist came to check things over & commented abt me having a bad time of it today. We talked & I told him I've been off prednisone for several months now. He replied something abt prednisone would of had an anti inflammatory effect on the gums. I've always trusted this guy without any doubt, still do, but it confused me because prednisone can cause us Lupus folks to puff up, gain weight, & related issues. So now I'm really confused. I'm posting this because I'm curious is anyone has had any experiences or I'd greatly appreciate any input anyone has. I tried to look something up on the internet but couldn't seem to find anything that helped.
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  • Reply #1 01/17/09  8:10pm
    After being on Prednsone I now have Alot of tooth decay. Before I had pearly whites now they are falling out.
  • Reply #2 12/18/10  9:31pm
    Prednisone is meant to help lupus in so many ways yet it causes so many problems. i have a beautiful smile i might say,but there are plenty under lining issues with my teeth. My gums get weak, like they hurt when i chew different types of foods, they swell, and boy do i get a lot of cavities. Lucky i just got a lot of dental work this pass September so should be ok for a while. so i completely understand what your talking about.
  • Reply #3 01/21/11  9:56am
    I'm not sure, but my dentist said to be diligent about dental care. Make sure you floss everyday and brush after every meal. My dentist recommended a mouthwash to use once in the morning and at night. It is really strong, but is supposed to help plaque from forming. It is called Listerine total care. Maybe you could try this. There is also a mouthwash you can use if your mouth tends to get dry--it helps it stay moist otherwise you are more prone to cavities and plaque.


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