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Anyone done a DE cycle in Czech Republic?

Posted on 02/24/10, 08:34 pm
Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone's done a donor egg cycle in Czech Republic? Their prices seem to be about 1/3 the cost of what it is in Canada!


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  • Reply #1 02/24/10  10:19pm
    no bu will be interesting to hear about it!
  • Reply #2 02/25/10  4:18pm
    Please keep us posted. The cost maybe cheaper but I think what you will pay in airfare and to stay there may not make it any more cheaper. BTW, how much is DE in Canada?
  • Reply #3 02/25/10  8:14pm
    Here is a reply from someone in Saskatchewan (Canada) who is researching it right now:

    IVF Treatment for Donor Egg Procedure incl. Total Drug Costs with Zlin Clinic (Czech R) - $6,063.40 CAD
    Flights for two persons from Regina, SK - $3,157.20 CAD
    Hotel Pension Uno (most include breakfasts and daily transport to clinic) for 9 nights - $ 598.31 CAD
    Return trip airport transfer (Vienna airport - clinic recommends flight into this airport) - $ 428.00 CAD
    ESTIMATE Food (other poster recalls food is fairly inexpensive & incl. snacks) - $ 700.00 CAD

    GRAND TOTAL $10,946.91 CAD

    I just heard back from the company that organizes the egg donations for my clinic here in Toronto and I was surprised by the new less expensive costs.

    A shared local transfer right now is $7500 + 1/2 the ivf cycle cost for the donor and your own drugs for the egg transfer. I'm guessing around $13,500-$14,000 CAD. If you couldn't find anyone who would share a donor though, then it would be more like $10,500 + full ivf/transfer costs, so probably around $22,500. And that's with the new pricing, so it's usually a bit higher. yikes.

    I've got a phone interview lined up with the donor agency to discuss things further, but for a difference of $3,000 I'm leaning towards sticking with my ivf clinic here in Toronto because they have untypically high success rates.

  • Reply #4 02/25/10  8:15pm
    Oh - there's a company that will organize your trip to the Zlin clinic and translate where needed, etc. Their website is www.ivfvacation.com just in case anyone wants to take a look!

  • Reply #5 02/26/10  3:41pm
    I took a look and compared the fees with what we paid here in the US and the price after air, hotel and the procedure with donor egg is still about 4,000 less than what we paid. I think one of the major differences is not just the price difference but the fact that you will also get a vacation. I researched this before and DH wanted to stay stateside. Well after 2 donors, no frozen embryos, 9 cycles combined IVF, DE and FET we are emotionally and financially spent. I just want my baby at this point. So I think we need to investigate this as a viable option for ourselves. I would love to know what you are thinking about doing regarding this situation as well.
  • Reply #6 02/27/10  9:13pm
    I have some friends on another message board(most live outside the US) that have cycled there are very happy with them.The prices do seem very good also.
  • Reply #7 02/27/10  10:06pm
    Thanks Parothead! Good to know!

    I've been following a thread through ivf.ca under the donor eggs section and there's quite a discussion going on there, along with some postings from 1 person who had a successful DE cycle there.

    I'm looking forward to talking with the Canadian agency on Monday and finding out more, but I just can't do it if I can't find someone to share the donor with.

    I'll keep you posted!

  • Reply #8 03/09/10  9:39pm
    Wow, I think the prices are good in Canada. Way cheaper than in the US. But I guess US insurance won't cover anything in the cycle if one goes to Canada or to the Czech Republic?

    For Canadians, does the National Health kick in for the transfer or is it separate? I think it would be great if your National Health kicked in.

    I'm curious because I'm about ready to do the egg donor (actually, beginning late April because I have to have some more testing done).

    I hate to sound cheap, but $19K here is a huge price for a hopefully soon-to-be single mother :-)
  • Reply #9 03/09/10  9:42pm
    Ooops... I read the prices wrong. I thought these were prices in Canada!

  • Reply #10 03/15/10  10:21pm
    DZiggy, for Canadians it's not covered unless (if I remember correctly) you have a blocked tube, ivf isn't covered, and donor ivf isn't either. If you're really lucky with your insurance company, it may cover some of the drugs, but not very many of them do.

    Wyzdom, sounds like you've been through a lot.

    I talked to the donor egg agency here in Canada and I was way off on the price. I forgot to add in extra costs for my own frozen transfer on top of everything else. For a shared donor cycle without having to pay any travel expenses, it's looking like around $18,500 Canadian.

    So... I figure that means we're looking at international options.

    I just had a friend who's teaching english in Taiwan right now offer to donate eggs. This is going to require some serious thought because she's got to be close to 35 and the flight to Taiwan won't be cheap, but she was already trying to convince me to come visit and do an ivf round (before I learned my eggs are no good) because of how much cheaper it is in Taiwan. She talked to dr.s there and it looked like about $4000 Canadian, but because I'm on the high side for drugs, I was figuring to estimate $5000. Because I can stay with her, I don't have to worry about hotel costs and she can translate for me. The flight is going to be brutal though - around $2000 each, so a total cost of $9000 Canadian. I think I'll ask her about adding on the FET if she does a donor egg round for us and I'm going to consider her offer.

    Anyway, thought I'd just update on the costs.


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