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  • The Results of the Poetry Contest!

    Posted by Jessica - 03/30/13, 01:02 am

    Congratulations to bcbid68 who had the most votes and who will receive a free t-shirt with his poem on it. It was a close one this time around, thank you everyone who wrote, read, and voted in this year's Winter Affirmation Contest!  If you'd like a copy of the t-shirt, click here fo...

  • Hug

    ihavenoname (03/07/13)

    i dont think about what im writing as ive been writen my own poetry since i was 8 so it kind of comes naturelly to me :D i was giffted by the gods with my world play

  • Hug

    judyroseemily (03/06/13)

  • Flowers

    Donny59 (02/27/13)

    Every ounce of warmth I have goes out to you all who took the risk of writing your heartfelt poems. Thank you.

  • Good Luck

    pupz333 (02/22/13)

    Good luck to everyone entering! I read some of the entries and they are beautiful!