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Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted on 05/30/11, 12:26 pm
Haven't read this book and just starting to read through the topics/discussions here. I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on Apple Cider Vinegar for healing/restoring the gut. Thanks.
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  • Reply #1 05/30/11  12:44pm
    Hi Carrie and Welcome! Restoring the GI tract so that you can reverse autoimmune disease will take more than apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can play a role, but overall, it is a small one. Your gut is home to thousands of strains of beneficial bacteria. About 95% are beneficial, the rest are pathogenic. They are all vital and there for a reason. If you take just one course of antibiotics you will destroy many of the beneficial bacteria. The complete restoration of the many enzymes and beneficial bacteria will take whole foods and an avoidance of anything that can cause further harm.

    Another important factor in healing autoimmune disease is the restoration of something called intrinsic factor. It is found in your gut for one purpose--to capture and escort B12 to the ONLY place in your body where it can be absorbed-the lower intestine. Intrinsic factor is formed from amino acids that come from the breakdown of dietary proteins. So, you need to restore your ability to break down dietary proteins for many reasons. No one thing will make the difference.
  • Reply #2 05/30/11  2:17pm
    Thank you. I do also avoid gluten as I have problems with that. I avoid antibiotics at all cost and I have used probiotics and acidophilus fairly regularly over the year. I believe my problems have stemmed from early exposure to mercury and also candida that began at an early age and is now systemic. I have done every candida diet and so forth but still have it. I am unable at this time to take any herb, medicine, vitamin or mineral (except magnesium for some reason) without having horrible pain, numbness and other reactions so I am pretty limited in what I can take or do to heal from this mess.
  • Reply #3 05/30/11  2:18pm
    That was supposed to say 'over the years' I have taken probiotics and acidophilus fairly regularly for many years.
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    Gluten is a protein. That is most likely why you have a problem with it. Probiotics and acidophilus are just a few strains of beneficial bacteria. You are missing thousands. Mercury is an enzyme poison. That could very will have triggered your illness, since we are missing pancreatic enzymes. Kefir is filled with beneficial yeasts that will crowd out the pathogenic yeasts that are causing your candida infections. Plus it has B12 and partially digested proteins. So you have access to 2 of the things that are most vital to you right now. Nothing in supplement form (meaning fractured or denatured will help). Many Many drugs and chemicals found in common foods will cause great harm to your GI. For instance, sodium nitrite-found in processed meats will increase your pancreatic cancer risk by 6,700%. The pancreas is what is not functioning properly, so we would not want to cause it further harm.
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    Carrie, many of us on this forum are incorporating foods that are rich in live enzymes and natural probiotics. Fermented foods are loaded with these.

    Raw sauerkraut or beet kvass are great ways to get those wonderful digestive enzymes. I make my own sauerkraut (there's a recipe here on this forum) but others have found some great ones at stores such as Whole Foods.

    Another big thing on this forum is making our own kefir using live kefir grains. We also try to do this with raw cow or goat milk. If you're like many of us, you probably live in a state where it's illegal to sell raw milk. You may be able to find a dairy farm that "sells cow shares" and then when you purchase your milk weekly, that payment is considered as compensation for servicing your cow. I know, it's crazy but it protects the farmer from the USDA and FBI goons that will arrest them if they sell raw milk. Even if you can't source raw milk, making your own kefir will provide lots of great bacteria for your gut.

    I really think that drinking the kefir will help you candida. In just two weeks of consuming my homemade kefir, my sugar and carb cravings have mostly vanished! It's probably the first time since I started with this fibro nonsense 9 years ago!

    Ask lots of questions and surf the topics here. Red is our resident expert, she can answer all the tough questions!

    Oh, and yes, I do have the raw apple cider vinegar too. Every little step can help!

  • Reply #6 05/30/11  10:18pm
    Well I have to admit I really don't like sauerkraut or milk at all. I've had kefir from the health food store but have not attempted to make my own. The cravings I have these days are not really for sweets but rather for fatty meats and salt/salty foods because this is what happens when the adrenals are not producing enough cortisol and aldosterone and therefore I am is a state of salt wasting. I crave salt the moment I wake up until I go to bed at night. Anyway that's a totally different topic altogether. I appreciate your advice Shari and it makes good sense. I will keep up with the Apple Cider Vinegar and see about making some kefir but I can't make any promises on the sauerkraut, lol!
  • Reply #7 05/31/11  4:00pm
    I can so relate about the sauerkraut. I'm not a fan of what most of us know as sauerkraut. The homemade stuff just tastes like tart coleslaw. I added other stuff to it like apples, onions, garlic and seasonings. Also, it has a fair amount of salt (that's what ferments the cabbage) so maybe that would help with the salt cravings.

    It's funny.... I craved salt along with sugar. Now that I think about it.... not only have my sugar cravings gone away, but I'm not craving the salt either. I still have salt on my food, but I'm not combing the cupboard for salty food or going out for prezels or chips.

    It had been years since I drank milk. I would sometimes buy almond milk but not cow's milk. I really love the kefir now. I'm wondering if daily kefir could possibly help with the fatty meat cravings. I'll do some more surfing and see if I can find any info on that.

    Good luck on your quest! I'm not sure that this is the same magic bullet for fibro as it is for other autoimmune diseases but I do believe it will help us tremendously.
  • Reply #8 05/31/11  10:15pm
    Carrie, I would have said that sauerkraut is my LEAST favorite food, just a few months ago, however, I tried the raw sauerkraut and it's a totally different dish! I highly recommend eating it regularly, and making your own if you can!

    The kefir... I"m not a milk drinker (although I have really enjoyed the glassfuls I've had of the raw milk I've been buying lately. And I'm trying to acquire a taste for kefir. It's not bad, but not great to me. Shari's recommended mixing it into a smoothie, but I've actually never really liked those either and I"m so busy that I never feel I have the time to blend....

    All that said, the thing is, it's SO GOOD for you, so crucial to your feeling better. TRY it!! (and welcome to our little group. You'll love it here!)
  • Reply #9 05/31/11  11:10pm
    I enjoy drinking the kefir as in a smoothie. Pretty soon I'm getting my first jar of organic sauerkraut, can't wait...!

    {{{hugs}}} :-)
  • Reply #10 06/01/11  12:53pm
    Thank you for all the info and advice everyone - I appreciate it!! :)


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