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Posted on 05/21/11, 12:44 pm
Here Ye Here He Ye! All sauerkraut Gurus...I have a question:

1. an article said on the interet that sauerkraut can mess with your thyroid? Making it hard to absorb iodine
if you are taking it? thoughts?

2. My son won't eat it- does not like it...However, I could get him to drink the juice. INfact, I like the juice
better too! Is juice just as good?

3. How much sauerkraut are you eating a day? Do you eat it before your meals for digestion purposes?

4. Are you taking natural digestive aids too? I have heard pros and cons to this....
Narey, you take something..what was it?

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  • Reply #1 05/21/11  6:41pm
    Blimey, cabbage is considered a goitrogenic food (they can sometimes enlarge the thyroid, which is called a goiter). If eaten in excess it can interfere with the healthy function of your thyroid, leaning it towards hypothyroidism. These foods contain substances that can prevent the necessary amount of iodine from getting to the thyroid. Now most sources say "excess". Define excess. Who knows! Personally, I'm taking my chances. I may have thyroid issues myself. I sprinkle kelp on my food periodically and kelp has lots of iodine. I won't use it daily. Also, I had switched to sea salt and most sea salt does not have that much iodine in it, so I use iodized sea salt now too.

    Here are the other foods that are goitrogenic:

    bok choy
    brussels sprouts
    garden kress
    mustard greens
    soy milk
    soybean oil
    soy lecithin
    soy anything

    Also included in the goitrogen category, even if mildly, are:

    bamboo shoots
    pine nuts
    sweet potatoes

    There are just too many GREAT foods on this list to avoid. I would rather increase my iodine intake. In fact, here's a quote from one website:

    "Iodine and goitrogens: Dr. Brownstein states that taking more iodine will counteract eating some goitrogenic foods. And fluoride, chlorine and bromides are goitrogens too. www.iodine4health.com www.optimox.com)"

    Some meds can be goitrogenic too, like SSRI's.

    I'm not certain if the fermentation process in sauerkraut makes it more thyroid friendly. I do know that cooking the foods can lessen it, but then you lose so many great vitamins and enzymes.

    I eat my sauerkraut first thing in the morning. I make my own and I love it because it's so crunchy. I make sure I pour some of the juice on it too. If you don't want to eat it, you can put it through a juicer to get all those great enzymes.

    Hope that helped!
  • Reply #2 05/21/11  7:13pm
    Thanks Shari- you put a alot of effort into that response!

    As far as Autoimmune Thyroid function is concerned Blimey, the studies in the book can clarify things. I know both you and Shari also have Fibro. Hypothyroid patients have been found to have the same B12 deficiency as Fibro patients. In the studies in the book, the number approaches 100%. They are also 20 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO HAVE PERNICIOUS ANEMIA. Pernicious anemia is caused by a B12 deficiency.

    In studies, Fibro patients have been found to be deficient in Tyrosine.(Amino Acid). Tyrosine is also necessary to make the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine.

    In conjunction with all the other studies on Fibro etc. it is clear that it is a LACK OF ENZYMES (specifically proteases) and your body's inability to break down dietary proteins and release B12 and create amino acids that are directly linked to hyprothyrodism in the case of its association with Fibro, lupus, RA etc.

  • Reply #3 05/21/11  8:11pm
    I try to have a little (just a heaping tablespoonful) of sauerkraut (now I'm just putting a spoonful of the ginger carrots on top of a spoonful of sauerkraut and mixing it) or other fermented food with my dinner meal and in the last few days I've had it for my lunch, too. Yesterday I had a fermented beet chunk with it. That was my entire lunch.

    I was always a hard core sandwich lover. I would have called lunch my favorite meal. Well, for that matter, I also always said I could live on cookies if they'd just put enough vitamins in them. (tsk tsk) But I haven't been wanting sandwiches as much and I'm more open to having a 'non~conformning' meal for lunch these days.

    I don't take any digestive aid.

    I didn't know all that about the goitrogenics, though. Interesting info and thanks to theShari for your post! Great idea for Blimey to put it thru a juicer! Blimey, if you make your own, you could chop it up really fine.
  • Reply #4 05/21/11  8:19pm
    I have been eating at least a big forkful three or more times a day. I just posted to the Sjogren's page about how much it is helping with the dry throat/choking on food, dry eyes and dry nose. I have also increased my yogurt intake. Now I just want to make some of my own so I bought a bag of shredded cabbage and just need to confirm the recipe please. Do I layer it in the jar with sea salt and then heat seal the lid? How long does it have to stay in the fridge before it is ready to eat? Thanks all!
  • Reply #5 05/21/11  8:41pm
    Thanks all for your amazing replies and time put into it. I am on Lugols iodine (2 drops) i can always increase.
    I LOVE the juice...is that just as good?

    RedheadRA, should I be taking tyrosine? Also, when eating the fermented foods have you found those that have been deficient have there numbers go up after applying all fermented foods/healing the gut?
    How about B12 shots?

  • Reply #6 05/21/11  8:41pm
    no, no, no! Don't heat seal! Make sure there's a bit of juices over the top of cabbage, and at least an inch of space above that before the lid. Leave it out of the fridge for a while. 2 or 3 days I think... then it goes in the fridge. theShari started eating hers almost right away. I'll let others chime in here, and I'll check my book later, butI wanted you to know right away not to heat seal.
  • Reply #7 05/21/11  11:03pm
    Blimy--to quote Narey,No, No, No! You are deficient in tyrosine because you can't break down dietary proteins into amino acids. Tyrosine is an amino acid. You most likely are deficient in many others. You are deficient in B12 for the same reason. B12 is only attached to dietary proteins. The only solution is to restore your body's ability to process dietary proteins. No supplements are needed or advised.

    You can drink the juice, but it is also a good idea to eat the cabbage as much as you can. Annesse completely cured herself of Lupus, and you would not even believe the success stories I have seen with my own eyes from following this diet and avoiding the things that are harmful to the GI. So, yes,it works. Just follow the book. You numbers couldn't help but go up as long as you stick very closely to all the recommendations.

    Narey's right on the heat. This is raw sauerkraut. I am not going to give advise to anyone on this topic. My sauerkraut was a disaster! Lol! I will try again someday, but for now I am content with buying an artisan brand.She makes it herself in her kitchen from fresh picked oganic cabbage and ferments it in old fashioned crocks.Kristin used to make it, but got so busy with the book that she stopped. We used to just get ours from her.

  • Reply #8 05/22/11  1:24pm
    Scaredgirl and Red, I posted exactly how I made my sauerkraut and it turned out perfect! Here it is again if you want to try it:

    I first mixed 3 Tbs of course non-iodized salt with one Tbs each of celery seed and caraway seed.

    Sliced 2 large onions into thin strips. Place in small bowl. Do the same for the 2 green apples (you could probably use any firm textured apple).

    Skin 5-8 garlic cloves and press clove between knife and cutting board.

    Shred 2 heads of cabbage. You can use a mandolin, a food processor or a very large sharp knife.

    In a very large bowl, as I was slicing the cabbage, I would layer cabbage, onions, apple and dust with salt/seed mixture. Continue to do this as you shred the cabbage.

    Then in a container (I would use at least a gallon and a half sized container) place a little bit of the cabbage mixture in then press or pound down the mix. Keep doing this layer by layer. Throw in the garlic as you go. You definitely want to tamp down pretty hard. The harder you press the more water you'll get out of the cabbage.

    Place a plate that fits inside of container on top of cabbage. Press down on plate. Place a weight on top of plate. You can use a rock (clean it in dishwasher or use boiling water), large, heavy water bottle or anything else that will weigh down the plate. Put a towel on top of the whole thing. You don't want to put plastic or foil to seal it because it needs to breath.

    For the first day, come back every couple of hours, lift the plate and tamp down on cabbage mix.

    If the juice from the cabbage doesn't completely cover the plate after 24 hours, add some salted water (preferably filtered water) to cover.

    Leave mix in the warmest area of your home. You CAN put it in a cooler basement, but it will take longer to ferment. I would keep it in the warmer area for at least the first 3 days to help release the juice from the cabbage.

    Then just check on it once a day. If you get a brownish foamy film on top, just skim it off, it's part of the process. I'm surprised, in a week I haven't had any of that stuff. Just some bubbles.

    You can use whatever spices or herbs to your preference. All you really need is cabbage and non iodized salt to make kraut. I added the apple because I read that it helps to speed along the fermentation. You can also add other veggies like carrots too.

    You DO NOT WANT TO HEAT THIS MIXTURE IN ANY WAY! You'll end up killing all those wonderful enzymes. The longer it stays out of the refrigerator, the more it ferments.
  • Reply #9 05/22/11  7:25pm
    Thanks everyone. I will not heat seal!!! No no no! Have a good evening.
  • Reply #10 05/22/11  8:46pm
    I think that should be our new mantra-No No NO! It will be our inside joke from now on. Thanks Shari! I will give it another try. Great Recipe.


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