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  • All posters

    Posted by atcrossroads - 04/02/08, 05:02 pm

    Please remember this site is aimed at support and understanding for cheaters. 

  • I'm With You

    22andlost (06/06/15)

  • Hug

    kittykatbella (04/06/15)

    I've been lurking around here, checking in from time to time, just reading, not commenting. I feel for all of you and understand your struggles. I haven't been commenting or journaling for a couple reasons, but want you all to know I still care for and appreciate all of the posters on her ...

  • Hug

    tulips1122 (03/07/15)

    I am so glad to have found this group. Thank you!

  • High Five

    TheChaser (02/17/15)

    Thanks for the great advice!