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  • All posters

    Posted by atcrossroads - 04/02/08, 05:02 pm

    Please remember this site is aimed at support and understanding for cheaters. 

  • Flowers

    asoultocare (2:43 am)

    You all are damaged people causing damage to others. You do not deserve support or happiness. Only the knowledge that when you die, looking back, you will still have regret that you can not take these actions away, and the pain you caused to partners, other families, children.....

  • Hug

    redruby4 (03/30/14)

    Group hug to all of you. I just joined a few days ago and have read posts and shares and can relate to many of you.Both men and women. I AM looking. Hoping.for some friends on here to share. .support. laugh. Cry..whatever it takes ..thank you all for being brave enough to join and share..this look ...

  • Flowers

    Roxy246 (02/24/14)

    If I did not find this place; the husband would have been out of sight, out of mind. Thanks.

  • Hug

    sam2014 (02/23/14)

    Thank you for being there when I have no where else to go. Today you helped me get out of bed.