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  • All posters

    Posted by atcrossroads - 04/02/08, 05:02 pm

    Please remember this site is aimed at support and understanding for cheaters. 

  • High Five

    Gabrielle48 (04/20/14)

    Uh oh, the caustic group hug was not deleted. Hopefully that will soon be deleted too. I just want to thank everybody for staying cool and not reacting very much to those horrible posts. That was perfect and you all handled it amazingly well.

  • Hug

    redruby4 (03/30/14)

    Group hug to all of you. I just joined a few days ago and have read posts and shares and can relate to many of you.Both men and women. I AM looking. Hoping.for some friends on here to share. .support. laugh. Cry..whatever it takes ..thank you all for being brave enough to join and share..this look ...

  • Flowers

    Roxy246 (02/24/14)

    If I did not find this place; the husband would have been out of sight, out of mind. Thanks.

  • Hug

    sam2014 (02/23/14)

    Thank you for being there when I have no where else to go. Today you helped me get out of bed.