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  • All posters

    Posted by atcrossroads - 04/02/08, 04:02 pm

    Please remember this site is aimed at support and understanding for cheaters. 

  • Good Luck

    redruby4 (12/30/14)

    Best to all of you here for a better Happy healthy sane New Year in 2015 !! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Hug

    tr1979 (09/06/14)

    I feel blessed to have a safe place to share.

  • I'm With You

    ParDonne (07/12/14)

    Guilt and shame was my middle name. I made a lot of awful choices in my life. Forgiving myself was the hardest thing to do, but because of God's mercy and love, I AM FORGIVEN. Don't listen to the devil's lie that we do not deserve forgiveness because JESUS paid it all! http://www ...

  • Hug

    KorgZero4 (06/26/14)

    Thank you for being a place where I can deal with the thoughts in my own head.