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  • Protect Your Family from Rabies

    Posted by CDCeHealth - 07/29/09, 11:32 am

    Rabies is a dangerous virus that anyone can get if they handle or get bitten by an animal that has the disease. Protect yourself and your family from rabies: Stay away from wild animals and be sure pets are vaccinated every year. Rabies is caused by a virus and can infect both people and animal...

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People

    Posted by CDCeHealth - 07/28/09, 07:41 am

     Many young people in the U.S. engage in sexual risk behaviors that can result in unintended health outcomes, including sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, or pregnancy. Services to promote adolescent reproductive health — including evidence-based prevention education, counseling, te...

  • Fireworks Injury Prevention

    Posted by CDCeHealth - 07/02/09, 11:23 am

    They can be exciting, festive and fun–but fireworks can also be dangerous. Leaving fireworks displays to trained professionals can prevent injuries.   In 2007, eleven people in the United States died and an estimated 9,800 were treated in emergency departments for fireworks-related injur...

  • Good Luck

    MudPuddLe (05/08/09)

    Good luck with the good work that you do. I just hope you don't indirectly cause more harm than help by not fighting the misinformation. Seems like some of the biggest active health threats are being ignored and allowed to continue while there's a lot of hype about stuff that doesn' ...

  • Hug

    YTomLiu (04/17/09)

  • High Five

    Erin12 (06/19/08)

CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response

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