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Is it safe for cats to eat canned gravy?

Posted on 11/07/09, 02:33 pm
I have a problem with my cat, Coco. She's a little bugger. She will only eat Friskies moist cat food and when I give her the type with the sauce or gravy, she will eat up all the gravy and eat only a little of the food. After awhile she will start to meow as if she has no food but when I go to check, I find she still has a full bowl full of food but no gravy/sauce. So I was thinking of buying a can of gravy and watering it down and putting it with the food little by little. Does anyone know if this will make her sick though? I have not tried anything else and frankly her meowing is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!! I don't know if this will matter, but she is 10 years old and is just a regular domestic shorthaired cat. Can anyone help me with suggestions? If it's not safe to give her canned gravy, does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can get her to stop meowing?
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  • Reply #1 11/07/09  2:34pm
    Sorry everyone, I forgot to check off the send email to me when others reply and it's making me now send another message.
  • Reply #2 11/08/09  5:51am
    I don't see a problem with giving her canned gravy. All things in moderation though. I'd only do it once in a while as a treat.
    Cats are really good at manipulation and her meowing isn't likely to be because she's hungry. If there's food in her bowl but but no gravy,let her meow and go about your business. She has food she can eat if she wants and I'll bet she does eat it eventually.
    The only other thing I might look at is her teeth. Is she eating other things? Dry food? if not have her teeth checked and see if that's why she's acting like this.
    My oldest cat Ashera likes gravy too but knows that meowing for something more doesn't work.As long as she has food (and water)she's fine. In general they'll eat when they get hungry enough. Same thing with turning up their nose at what you put down. I can't afford to waste two or three cans of food looking for what they prefer that day. What goes in the bowl stays there until tomorrow. If they don't like it, tough. They have plenty of dry food so they don't go hungry even if they really don't eat it.
  • Reply #3 11/08/09  10:00am
    Hi, I have been feeding my dogs and cat's gravy for years one dog is 15 and one cat is 10.. I make all their food chicken rice with veg and gravy.. use low salt gravy.. make sure dry is available although mine won't eat it much.. Hugs I already love you kitty..
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    Thank you both...I am definitely going to try the gravy then and hopefully she will stop meowing because it is driving me crazy. It seems as if when she's awake she's constantly meowing (like a whining meow) and I think it's partly for attention (but I can't spend 24 hours cuddling her and petting her but I feel guilty not paying attention to her but if I did then when I stop she starts meowing again. I don't think there's anything wrong with her physically as she is eating and drinking and she loves her Whiskas hard treats but that's the only hard food she'll eat. She grew up on hard food but when she developed kidney failure about 2 years ago she would not eat hard food anymore but she will eat her treats and loves them. I leave her food out all day and water is out at all times of course. So I just don't know what to do about her. As I mentioned, she does love her gravy though.
  • Reply #5 11/09/09  6:12am
    Might want to talk to a vet about her behavior. You might also try 'Rescue Remedy' and see if that helps. It's available at health food stores and a lot of of other places. It reduces stress and a lot of people use it including using it on pets. I've written about it elsewhere in the group.
    You might also want to check out the CatAge or Catster websites for suggestions about the problem.
  • Reply #6 11/09/09  5:02pm
    I buy my cat Friskies canned cat food also. I make sure I buy the pate. If I buy the tender bites or shredded my 2 cats do the same thing. They will eat the gravy and leave the food and then meow like they are hungry or want more of the gravy. If you can't get the pate version of the kind they like then take a fork and mash up the shreds or bits till it is like mush and mix it more thouroghly with the gravy.


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