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Posted on 04/08/08, 07:17 pm
Tell us!
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  • Reply #11 12/15/08  1:41pm
    Oh, yes. It's just an extract of coconut oil!
  • Reply #12 12/16/08  12:41am
    Thank you - finally an answer. No one in any health store around here seemed to know.
    He's doing ok with Candex and probiotics tho...
  • Reply #13 01/16/09  10:04pm
    Yes, children can take caprylic acid. I don't know to what age. Because they don't reccomend so many supplements or medications under 2
  • Reply #14 01/16/09  10:17pm
    He is 7 and about 50 pounds. In the stores they don't want to recommend it as the packages don't say anything. Any idea on dosage?
  • Reply #15 01/18/09  6:36pm
    Well I read something in a book some years ago that childres dosage should be cut donwn to 1/3 or 1/4 of the adult dosage. You might find something on this on the web with a search. It has been awhile but I suspect a 1/3 dose would do for a seven year old.
  • Reply #16 01/21/09  8:32am
    It's not dangerous in any dosage; it's NOT a synthetic medicine. It's just a "medium-chain" saturated fat found in coconuts. For some reason, yeast hates it.


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