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Posted on 11/27/08, 12:54 pm
I thought it might be a good idea for us to share our stories about the breathing disorders we suffer from.

My story:

I was first diagnosed with mild asthma when I was about 5. At that point my main symtom was a chronic cough and occationnal breathlesness. After a year of treatment I was able to stop taking all medicines and was fine for several years.

My asthma returned when I was 11, I had a bad attack during a cross country race and ended up in hospital but apart from this it was only mild. Everthing changed for me in february this year when I had a severe reaction to chemicals we were using in chemistry class and eneded up in hospital again. At this time my peak flow droped by half and even with my doctor increasing my meds it did not improve. I now see a specialist at the hospital who is testing different treatments for me to try get my symptoms back in control.

I am hopeful that one day my asthma will get better but I acept that this may not be for a long time. I am not sorry that I have asthma as if I did not I would have never met all the wonderful people here on DS and I would not be able to use my knowlege to help others who are suffering like me.

Thanks for listening

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    that;s why we're all here- for someone to listen and offer whatever support they can. i've had allergies all my life and i suspect some mild asthma. now my asthma is very difficult to control. i'm frustrated and angry... iwonder why i have to suffer with my asthma, i wonder why my doctors downplay my symptoms and their severity( which seems to be getting worse in the last year) it's become a quality of life issue for me now, can't go outsid emy house on most days without having asthma attacks/symptoms. i'm ok as long as i stay inside but realistically, none of us can really do that. comments, advise and support appreciated.


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asthma,I've had asthma since I was 17 & now 34,it is alful,everyday I struggle & sometimes can't get my medicine cus I don't have insurance so I can't afford it,I use my nebulizer machine alot,my mom has asthma to,so she sends me medicine somethines,she on a program where she lives,it helps,I just hate this asthma