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Tingling in leg after coiling

Posted on 01/11/10, 09:50 am
Hello my name is Cindy. I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm this past November. I have been home from the hospital since 12/17. Occasionally I get tingling in my right leg and foot that scares me. Sometimes I will have minor tingling on other parts of my body. Is this normal? I have asked my family Doctor about it and he said it was due to muscle atrophy but I've almost got my muscles back now. I do get occasional headaches but not bad and they scare me as well. My eye sockets also hurt but I've seen an Optometrist and an Opthamologist and they said I'm fine. I had to stop topamax due to increased pressure in my eyes. Sometimes I have fears that I will have a rebleed or another aneurysm and will die. I have three children. I collapsed in front of them. This was so hard on them. I was told I only had one aneurysm. The neuro radiologist put in four coils. I see him on 1/20. Then the neuro surgeon on 1/30. I hope one day I can live my life and not be scared all the time.

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  • Reply #1 02/24/10  7:53pm
    Hi Cindy,

    I haven't had any tingling however, I did have involuntary twitches for a little while. My husband says I still do it in my sleep. The sensivity in your eyes should subside. Mine improved after my visit to the opthamologist and he flooded my eyes with a light. (He was checking for a bleed around my eye or residue from the bleed).

    I didn't collapse infront of my kids but the were there immediately after and got to see everything up to being put in the ambulance. They were 2 and 5. They have adjusted well since them. I just reassure them that I am okay and not going anywhere.

    The last 2 days was really the only time that I have been a little nervous since getting home in October. I moved some furniture on the weekend and now have had a headache since. Hoping to see my doctor tomorrow but find that GP's don't really know too much about it either..
    Hope your appointments went well and if you need to chat I'm around.
  • Reply #2 02/24/10  8:23pm
    Thank you for the reply. The leg tingling has gone away since my last post. The eye pain is also mostly gone. I am on Keppra as a precaution since I had a rupture. It gives me daily headaches though. Today I've had some headaches and memory problems. My husband was alarmed when I asked the same question twice. He answered it the first time. The kids have mentioned I repeat things.

    I hope your headache resolves. Did you have coiling done? I have had some throbbing pain in the area where my aneurysm is located. Since seeing the neuroradiologist I have not worried except for the last couple of days with the memory issues and the throbbing pain where the aneurysm was. He said the risk of rebleeding would be very low like 2%. My aneurysm was in the PICA. He said it was very rare and it resulted from a congenital defect in the artery. The artery made a sharp turn and it created a weakness which lead to the aneurysm. It was very close to the brain stem. Before seeing the Neuroradiologist recently, I was worried because I had no memory of the first week or so after collapsing. I had no idea where the aneurysm was located, or the size, or if I had anymore. I'm sure they told me but I just couldn't remember. I don't remember the pain of the aneurysm or the ambulance or anything.

    I can't drive until May after I have an EEG. I've had no seizures since being home but did have them when I had blood in my brain. These weird symptoms I get sometimes are kind of scary. I'm sure most people have them afterwards.

    I hope you do well and have no further problems. The neurosurgeon doesn't expect me to have any problems but he said it was a rare type and he can only assume based on other aneurysms the same size. I'm very thankful to have made it through this and be doing so well. I am doing pretty much everything I did before except drive.

    Before the aneurysm rupture I had complained for years to my GP and even my gynecologist. I had two MRI's and just a few months before the aneurysm rupture my GP said "I saw no aneurysms that would be causing your problems."

    Please take care of yourself. I wish you the very best and pray you will never have anymore problems with your aneurysm. Please contact me anytime. Unless someone has gone through this they don't know how it feels. Even my Doctors don't seem to listen sometimes or they don't believe the symptoms I have. Right now, I'm just living my life like I did before. It seems like I'm more hopeful than I was prior to the aneurysm.

    I hope your headache resolves. Currently I have no restrictions other than driving but I have noticed if I lift or strain myself I will get a headache. Please let me know how things go. My GP doesn't seem to want to deal with my head issues much. I have a Neurologist but he seems more concerned with headache treatment. Take care. Contact me anytime.
  • Reply #3 08/01/10  1:43am
    Hello! My name is Cris. I brain aneurysm rupture last March of this year. My aneursym was coiled and since then I had some numbness on my right foot and lower leg. Sometimes, I also feel some tingling sensation on my left foot but it disappears after few minutes. Since after the rupture, I get very anxious and worried about re-bleeding or having other aneursyms because I still get headaches-almost everyday. I just had CT scan on my neck and head w/ contrast yesterday because of very terrible headache, dizziness, and confusion. It turned out I had stress headache and anxiety attack. I'm still new to "this new life." I'm having a hard time coping with this situation. I hope that I could find some strength and inspiration from you all. I know that there so much things to learn-right now I'm in step 1-accepting that my life won't be the same as my pre-aneursym years. Please give me some pointers on how to cope up and enjoy this "new" life. Thanks.
  • Reply #4 08/02/10  8:20am
    Cris, I had some tingling symptoms in my right leg and sometimes the left leg after a ruptured brain aneurysm. It eventually went away but it did worry me quite a bit. I never got too many headaches until here recently. Seems like I'm getting more of them. I had a CT scan that was normal. It is hard to live your life like you once did before the aneurysm ruptured. Mine ruptured last November. I'm pretty much back to normal now. The weird symptoms I had after I got home from the hospital have resolved. Currently, I've been having anxiety and am on Lexapro. I seems to be helping so far. I wish you the best. For me, trying to stay busy has helped. Also, starting on an anti anxiety medication seems to help me as well but the medications have side effects. There is another group you may want to look into. It is aneurysmsupport.com. It is more active than this group.
  • Reply #5 08/02/10  11:13pm
    cmayes71, are you back to work? If so, how are you doing? Any memory changes or problems? Since I went back to work-I've been so depressed and anxious about things that even do not exist yet. I can't think of any changes in my memory but I seem to get overwhelmed and easily get frustrated. I'll check out the website. Thanks for your advice.
  • Reply #6 08/03/10  1:41pm
    I'm a stay at home mom so I'm not working. If I needed to work I probably could but for six months I didn't drive because I had seizures in the hospital. I was in the hospital for a month in intensive care. Currently, I'm doing very well. I was put on Lexapro but have switched to zoloft for anxiety. I had similar symptoms as you. The doctors acted like they weren't aware that I would have tingling in the legs and feet. They didn't really know why. Sometimes I get what feels like an electrical feeling in my head. My CT scan and EEG was normal so it must just be part of the healing process. It IS scary to go through a rupture. I also worry about rebleeding but the doctors assure me that the chance of rebleeding is very low. One said 5% chance. The neuroradiologist says only a 2% chance of rebleeding. My short term memory isn't great. I was getting overwhelmed and easily frustrated. I was angry. Also, I worried about all kinds of things and worried about death a lot. I finally decided to go on something for anxiety. I'm hoping the zoloft will work. Maybe later on I won't need it. The anti depressants have side effects though. One more thing I have noticed is I have to concentrate more on things I used to do without even thinking. Things like driving or anything where I need to think fast. In conversations, sometimes I lose track of what I'm talking about. I think this will get better over time. I hope you can get some relief from your anxiety and depression. It's hard to live like this didn't happen. It's always in the back of my mind. The site I listed above is very active so if you have a problem you're worried about you usually will get a response much faster. I love this site also and still use it as well. Take care.
  • Reply #7 08/03/10  1:48pm
    I looked at you're profile, derek0622. You and I are the same age. I have three kids. My husband was out of town when this happened. The kids called 911 for me. When the aneurysm ruptured I wasn't expected to live. It was next to my brain stem. They couldn't do surgery and didn't think they could coil it either. They went in and were able to coil but then I started having seizures and vasospasms. I have no mental or physical problems though and feel very lucky. I wish you the very best. This is so hard to go through.
  • Reply #8 01/27/11  2:17pm
    Hello, I've also had annerysum, mine was a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage annerysum. And i was in a coma for 3 weeks, then the hospitol for a month and a half after. I consider myself very lucky because i am still here to live life with my 20 month old son. Lucky, especially after flatlining for 56 seconds, and having my left side of my body shut down during the surgery and coma. I had a very inspiring near death experience that i believe helped give me strenght and brought me back to this world. Also, i kept dreaming about my son and worring about him, even in my dreams. When i woke up my body was no longer paralyzed, and I was alive and very happy to see my son in the hospitol. I felt as if i knew he was there, even though i was out.
    Anyways, i wanted to tell everyone that is having leg pain that my doctor in boston made a good point. He told me that the blood from my ruptured annerysum leaked down from my brain, to my neck and then lower spin region. The blood is sitting on my lower spine , which in turn is affecting the muscles that run down into my legs. He said that is what is causing my pain. He said that the blood should dissapear within 3 to 6 months, and the pain will stop. I dont know if this is the same for all of us, but it made sense to me. It put my mind at ease, and i hope it helps some of you too.
  • Reply #9 01/27/11  7:56pm
    There is also a facebook group which I found very helpful. You may want to check it out. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?g...


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