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How to pick up men

Posted on 10/28/10, 09:19 am
So I am really kinda new to all of this, I have been fighting coming out not coming out since I was 14 and well now I am coming out..... well I am stuck because I really am not sure how to go about picking up men, I mean I am not really just looking for a fuck buddy I would really like to meet someone who has a little more class than that.... but for the most part I don't drink anymore so going to the clubs or bars is really out of the question for me so please advice anyone.

Thanks so much.

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  • Reply #1 10/28/10  3:31pm
    I find in most cases a nice smile works, although you do have to be careful. Gay Bars are probably the best bet as most other options are quite seedy. At least at a bar you can set ground rules before moving on. It works for me, ok you might have to smooch for a bit, but once I get to go down on them its all worth it. Cant beat the smell and taste of a clean cock.
  • Reply #2 12/18/11  7:14pm
    I'm in pretty much the same boat as you Tommie, although I'm only just coming to terms with my sexuality (at 46) so where do I start. To make things really complicated I'm partially disabled and Christian as well.
  • Reply #3 03/13/12  1:24pm
    Well I have been out for almost a year. Actually, this weekend would be my first anniversary.

    It was reallt tough for me to get dates, but I have been we three guys intimately now. It started with a freind presenting me a gay freind. That was about 4 to 5 months ago. We had a couple of playfull times, but it ended quickly. Then I went to Miami and pickup a guy using Grindr. He was a Brazilian with whom I had sex for two hours in the moring and then to hours after lunch. Then I had to run to catch a flight, after misssing the first. Last week I hooked up with a younger guy who is hot and real nice. He was presented to me by a close friend. We are chatting at all times and have sex every chance we get. I think a lot about him.

    Your friends could be another resource. Most people know someone who is gay. If not get Grindr in your smartphone. Or go to gay brs and clubs.

    Another good point is to get in shape. Most gays care about poeple who care about their health and figure. The hotter you are the more you will attract. Lots of gays go to the gym.


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