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  • A New Welcome

    Posted by Shelly4 - 05/02/11, 09:32 am

    I would like to Welcome all of you back!!!  I am open to any and all input about how we can be here for one another sharing through threads, news articles, and activities.  VTeacher (Vicky) started a wonderful thing when she founded this group several years ago and I would like to re-awa...

  • Welcome

    Posted by Vteacher - 04/06/08, 02:33 am

    Welcome to everyone who has joined the group. It is growing daily. I, for one, am learning so much about this disorder. I thank all of you who contribute your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge on the topic. Please, ask anyone you kbow suffering from bipolar II disoreder to join us.  Keep the...

  • Hug

    CharityFaith (10/27/13)

  • Hug

    Shelly4 (01/29/12)

    Blessings for a wonderful week!!! XO

  • Flowers

    Shelly4 (05/17/11)

    Lots of love and flowers for everyone. Hope you have an amazing day!! xo

  • Flowers

    simplegirl (05/06/11)

    Have a great weekend everyone!