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  • 2015 - New Year , New YOU!!! (Explore the Group)

    Posted by crzychick - 12/08/08, 03:45 pm

    As our Group gets larger many of the Topics that are not Pull Frees are slipping to the back pages.  This Article is made to help you get to the Topic you want without needing to search thru all the pages.       Please read this one first :     FOR ALL MEMBERS TO ...

  • PULL FREE A THONS (and Important info on system glitches)

    Posted by crzychick - 03/17/08, 12:28 am

    A PULL FREE A THON is when you are dedicated to stopping. You start your own Topic with your name in the title with the words PULL FREE A THON in it. (example - Jane Doe's PULL FREE A THON). The reason for that is so the others can find your posts and come and keep up to date with your story. In...

  • Want more help?

    Posted by crzychick - 03/14/08, 02:51 am

    I'm a member of another forum that is dedicated to Trichotillomania only. It has a lot of resources and a very active board. I'm not saying to leave here. As you can see I belong to both. But just look around. It's a lot of info at once. (link is at the bottom)Once you are a member every...

  • Hug

    crzychick (01/25/15)

    LOVE YOU ALL!!! Make 2015 the best year of your life!!!

  • Hug

    Phoebe13 (02/02/14)

  • Hug

    jesden (12/22/13)

    sending hugs to everyone - can't even begin to explain how much this group has helped me in just three weeks. can't wait to see where this will take me :)

  • Hug

    confidenticandoit (11/28/13)

    This is for everyone. Love this group.

  • I'm With You

    mideyebrow Community Leader (05/15/13)

    Wanted to let everyone know that even if we don't always say something, it's good to know this group is helping each other learn to beat trich with tricks! Best wishes to everyone! Hugs to all!

  • Hug

    junglenavaar (04/18/13)

    Just joined this group and really feeling everyone's energies. Wanted to take my time out and give everyone a hug for this space. :)

  • High Five

    mideyebrow Community Leader (05/01/11)

    I know I'm facing the fear of trich now...and all I can do is tell each and every one of you that I'm glad I can read about your successes and challenges and know that I am not alone with this! A friend did a review with me for my goal and asked me some different type of questions which ...

  • Hug

    Inkiri (02/25/11)

    Thanks for all the support! We are such a great group! I love the support we give one another. Keep on keeping on.