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Favorite Night Time Soap Opera

Posted on 07/07/08, 04:15 pm
We all remember Dallas. But who else out there loved to watch Falcon Crest, too? It was so cheesy.
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  • Reply #1 07/07/08  9:52pm
    i loved both of those. As well as Dynasty and Knots Landing. I have the theme to Knots Landing on my cell as my ringtone.
  • Reply #2 07/08/08  8:42am
    dallas was my favorite but if i had to pick another it was knots landing i couldnt get into dynasty or falcon crest for some reason.
  • Reply #3 07/08/08  12:58pm
    hey speaking of dallas any fans wanna join a group im gonna make one on the show maybe we can play trivia games and such ???

    think ill try it
  • Reply #4 07/09/08  12:24am
    I was a Dynasty girl all the way. I loved that Alexis Carrington Dexter Colby (Joan Collins). I totally wanted to BE her. I especially loved her clothes and HATS.

    I also loved the Dynasty spin-off, the Colbys. But I had to stop watching Dynasty when Fallon was abducted by aliens. That was too stupid for me.
  • Reply #5 07/13/08  9:57pm
    I loved both Dynasty and Falcon Crest, I recently saw reruns of Dynasty on SoapNet - oh my was that really bad acting! LOL
  • Reply #6 08/03/08  8:46pm
    falcon crest. i kept up with dallas and dynasty. but the only one i really made sure i watched was falcon crest. i'd watch that while i dressed and then i'd go out to a club. sooooo fun.
  • Reply #7 09/28/08  5:40pm
    Beverly Hills 90210
  • Reply #8 10/21/08  6:21pm
  • Reply #9 01/01/09  7:01am
    knots landing. i really liked it when dallas and knots crosssed over.
  • Reply #10 08/25/09  6:53pm
    how about soap and mary hartman mary hartman. lol. what a hoot.


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