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Hydrogen peroxide treatment

Posted on 06/30/11, 11:47 am
Has anyone ever tried this?

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  • Reply #1 06/30/11  3:07pm
    I tried MMS, which is similar. It creates chlorine dioxide in the body which destroys in the same manner.

    The only problem is the fact that the virus cloaks itself in a protein costume which makes it look harmless and that the treatment would not get rid of it.

    I'm going for the pancreatin, which destroys the protein cloak, then relying on the immune system to search and destroy the naked viruses. Catch em with their pants down! LOL
  • Reply #2 06/30/11  3:14pm
    Are you doing the MMS on your own or through a doctor? Sounds interesting...
  • Reply #3 06/30/11  8:38pm
    it's a highly caustic chemical, it's actually explosive. LOL in the powder form. It's been banned from sales in the US. You take the powder and mix it to a 20% solution with distilled water, and it was selling for $20 for 4 oz. Mix that with an acid, such as lemon juice, vinegar or citric acid, then dilute and drink on an empty stomach.
  • Reply #4 07/01/11  12:19pm
    The pancreatin is highly caustic? Yikes! I'll be interested to see how that works for you.
  • Reply #5 07/01/11  11:53pm
    hi sandydo, i'm not sure, but i think makiah means the MMS is explosive? i had a friend who did the MMS stuff for a long while for herpes virus and she got deathly sick from it. that's all i know about it.

    and i think makiah has done MMS too and it didn't work on the hep c virus.

  • Reply #6 07/02/11  11:16pm
    yep, the pancreatin is from the pancreas of a pig and is not caustic, although a double dose was not appreciated. I put it in my coffee enema.

    What I wrote about being caustic and mixing with acid was MMS.

    I woke up one night and thought I was going to the ER for sure. I had taken some MMS before going to bed. I woke up feeling like I was passing out, panicky, and ended up purging from both ends at the same time, once I was able to get up off the floor, I couldn't see much - I was blacking out. Sure glad my hubby was there.
  • Reply #7 07/05/11  9:55am
    Okay, note to self...NO MMS! :-)

    Keep us posted on the pancreatin.

    My son's grand-father-in-law went to Gerson in Mexico for the treatment of cancer back in the 80s. So now he's really wanting me to go there to get treatment for HCV. I understand that Johnny Delirious went and had good results, although he did not clear the virus. It's a lot of money ($5500/week), not to mention the time off work for both of us (since you have to have a companion), but I'm seriously considering it. I wonder if anyone here has been and had their treatment?
  • Reply #8 07/05/11  7:05pm
    Sandy, their treatment is all laid out in the book, The Gerson Therapy.

    I'm doing a modified Gerson Therapy myself. I drink 6 cups of fresh juice daily, have 3 cups of smoothies, a big green salad, some potatoes, and one of my carob bars. Right now with summer fruit I'm eating lots of melons and watermelons.

    I do the coffee enemas almost every day. I also do vitamin C in mega doses.
  • Reply #9 07/05/11  7:08pm
    Clearing the virus is a dream.....not even people who are considered cleared are guaranteed of clearing. On autopsies of people who had Hep C and cleared, they still found the virus in their livers. I think the best you can hope for is to learn to live a clean life so that the damage the virus does is able to be handled by the body. Someone recently posted that they knew of someone who had the virus come back after 5 years of SVR. The doctor told them that even though it came back, they were still statistically "cured."


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