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Bob Darrel

Posted on 10/13/09, 04:49 pm
Any Bob Darrel fans out there?

Since I started listening to Bob Darrel almost every other open-talk speaker sounds like a light-weight (except Clarence S.)

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  • Reply #1 10/13/09  5:46pm
    no is he on xa speakers?
  • Reply #2 10/13/09  5:47pm
    lol just noticed the link underneath! DOH! lol
  • Reply #3 10/13/09  7:20pm
    I'm a Bob Earle fan , thanks for letting me share.Lol Bob D.or Bobby E. it all good though: for me...
  • Reply #4 10/15/09  9:38am
    Reallly good mate, just listened to him!
  • Reply #5 10/15/09  1:25pm
    With you Okiyoe 1....I have heard Bob Earle speak in Lemon Grove, California back in 1983-84. I have a few of his tapes also. He has such a powerful story and I do relate so much with him. I am also a Charlie O fan. I have a CD with Bill Wilson on Dr. Bob's death. Power disc that one is also.
  • Reply #6 03/12/11  4:23am
    I love listening to Bob D. I got the opportunity to see him in Melbourne at a 12 step workshop weekend....Would love to see him in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Reply #7 03/12/11  9:41pm
    Never heard him, will certainly check it out. I am a Chris R fan so like it pretty hardcore!!
  • Reply #8 03/13/11  1:54am
    Hey guys, I get the Windows Media Player screen and it's indicating that the speech has started, volume on, PC volume on 100 but I get no sound. It might be that I'm an Aussie - any Aussies reading this have the same problem? I can usually use Windows Media Player fine. I'm itching to get in there as I've been thinking about poking around on the Net for AA speeches for a while - and this one looks great.


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