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medical marijuana and AA

Posted on 08/15/09, 03:04 pm
i know what AA says and what it means to be clean and sober of drugs and alcohol
but in CA marijuana is prescribed for medical uses
our debate is about if you are smoking marijuana does than mean you are not sober?
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  • Reply #1 08/15/09  4:02pm
    Here's my take on it. I won't sponsor people who spoke marijuana because it is a mind altering substance and it prevents, in my belief, spiritual experience. An alcoholic smoking marijuana is likely to relapse from what I have seen.

    As far as I am aware it is still illegal in any medical sense in the UK.

    I take it you mean CA is California?

    For our Australian friends, is marijuana illegal in your country - or anywhere else in the world where we have members. What about Canada?
  • Reply #2 08/15/09  4:02pm
    Oops - I meant smoke not spoke!
  • Reply #3 08/15/09  4:18pm
    Excellent explanation Gaiily. Can we really be open to a spiritual experience if we're smoking marijuana since it is mood altering?
    Again, a very controversial topic.

    Smoking it for medical issues is another ball of wax. It's also illegal here. Another outside issue.
  • Reply #4 08/15/09  5:00pm
    Tricky question . One thing I never understood though. If you're sick enough to really need medical MJ you probably shouldn't be smoking anything. Perhaps such people should bake more?
  • Reply #5 08/15/09  5:19pm
    ha ha. You do have a point there Dont
  • Reply #6 08/15/09  5:37pm
    yes sick people , really sick people, should not smoke anything. I'm serious, think about it
  • Reply #7 08/15/09  7:46pm
    funny thing is that California law is moot when the feds become involved. It's still illegal and for a reason all stated above
  • Reply #8 08/15/09  8:00pm
    did you know nod that the Constitution doesn't grant the federal government any drug policy authority within the states? They just take it and nobody cares.
  • Reply #9 08/15/09  8:11pm
    hell I didn't care either till this s..t almost killed me. I am as anti as one can get. I know this... when I use ANYTHING that alters my state of consciousness I also lose my conscious contact with GOD. I prefer the later.
  • Reply #10 08/15/09  9:41pm
    In Washington state it is legal if prescribed. Pain killers such as codiene, morphien etc are also "mind-altering".
    Using a drug as prescribed is what we are shooting for. Many presribed drugs can be abused. I will say that again...many prescribed drugs can be abused.

    I am not a sobriety cop. A member maning the phones at AA central got back to me and said AA has no opinion on it.

    Tea along with other food items work effectively for some types of pain.

    It has been proven effective for certain serious conditions.

    I currently do not use it but reserve the right to use it legally


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