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  • Facing AIDS for World AIDS Day, December 1, 2009

    Posted by AIDSAwareness - 11/24/09, 01:54 pm

    World AIDS Day, December 1, is an opportunity for us to work together to help reduce stigma around HIV and promote HIV Testing—here’s how you can join us in Facing AIDS in 3 easy steps: 1. Take a Photo. Download a Facing AIDS sign and tell us why you are Facing AIDS. Then take a phot...

  • National HIV Testing Day, June 27

    Posted by AIDSAwareness - 06/05/09, 10:32 am

    National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) was June 27, 2009.  Read about NHTD on hte Blog:  Visit our AIDS'gov NHTD site to learn more about National HIV Testing Day activities:

  • National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

    Posted by AIDSAwareness - 06/03/09, 12:05 pm

    National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NCAHAAD) is June 8th.  Check out our NCAHAAD blog post to learn more about how HIV affects the Caribbean American community and to find out how you can take action.

  • I'm With You

    Silkie (03/16/10)

    Thanks for posting the link to the NPR story, Should HIV Be Criminalized? It's an important issue.

  • Hug

    Ced357 (12/07/09)

    Non-Disclosure HIV Transmission is First Degree Murder in the United States Court of Law SO GET TESTED TWICE, 3 months then 6 months, EVEN IF YOU TRUST YOUR PARTER!!! SPREAD THE WORD AND POST THIS ON YOUR BLOG!!! ...

  • Flowers

    mistygp (03/30/09)

    looking for friends who are also hiv positive

  • Prayer

    mistygp (03/30/09)

    my prayers are with everyone News & Events

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