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Diaper leaking: Better brands?

Posted on 05/22/11, 01:31 am
I wear depends maximum protection at night and medium depends during the day. I usually do not have problems with leaks during the day because I know when my diaper has become too full. Trouble is, I have become an extremely heavy wetter at night with urination about 3-4 times. Are there any thicker, more absorbant diapers? What do you wear? I like the thick padding that the depends provide, but they still have started to leak. What other ones might be a good idea to try??
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  • Reply #1 05/22/11  8:01am
    I usually double them up. I cut slits in the first one and then make sure they are snug. Usually no leaks...but sometimes I'll wear a plastic pant over the top.
  • Reply #2 05/25/11  2:43pm
    I place a Poise pad, super absorbent, in my disposable, and it works pretty good.
  • Reply #3 08/31/11  5:00am
    As an alternative to the poise pad I use (as a doubler) the kind of inco pads sold to use inside net pants and under plastic pants - these do nto have a waterproof backing and are both cheap and very absorbant. These can make a diaper last a lot longer without leaking and in the day can be disposed of easily - making them a good way of coping with long trips becasue they can be removed and leve the main diaper fit for a lot longer.

    Having said that I find that a high capacity diaper copes well at night - sometimes containing nearly 2,000ml without leaking. I use maximun absorbancy Tena slips most of the time.
  • Reply #4 08/31/11  12:35pm
    This is a regular problem at night. I use Tena Slip Maxi, usually OK on its own. But I have back-up available for times when [for no apparent reason] I wet more heavily. I can put a cloth diaper inside the Tena; and/or another one over the Tena and held by boxer-briefs. I always wear a thin plastic pant directly over the Tena. And top the lot with rubber pants.
  • Reply #5 09/06/11  4:42am
    I wear all-in-one diaper pants from Minappy nightnday. They have a sewn in diaper and I add 1 or 2 booster pads to improve absorption depending the situation. I like them very much as they are very soft and leak barely. Whit the additional booster pads they become a bit bulky and thick between the legs but under my pyjama it doesn't really matter. I have uploaded some photos in case you want to have a look.
    You should give them a try.
    All the best
  • Reply #6 09/10/11  8:28pm
    I used to have the same problem. I have gone back to the old fashioned cloth diaper. I use a thick cloth diaper with a booster inside and of course waterproof (plastic) pants. It feels kinda wierd to start with but once in a routine its great. I still get a little leak sometimes but no where near as much as I did with disposables. Lets me now get a good solid nights sleep.
  • Reply #7 10/05/11  5:30pm
    I have been using the Molicare Super Plus for several years not and love them. It is very rare for me to wet heavy enough to leak.
  • Reply #8 11/27/11  6:39pm
    I'm using the Molicare Comfort Super. They're good on absorbtion, however the back plastic section has come loose on a few, and the fluff comes out a little if it's dry, or gel if it's wet. I won't be getting another case of these.


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