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Vote in the DailyStrength Winter Affirmation Contest: Love Poems

Love is poetry, and poetry is love. Vote for your favorite love story in a poem!

In the spirit of February and of love, we are doing a love theme again this year for our Winter Affirmation Contest! As before, members joined the Winter Affirmation Member Group and submitted a poem in the discussion board about love.

This week, vote for your favorite love poem by leaving a comment, which will be your vote. At the end of the week, the poll will close and the top-voted entry will be printed on a specially-designed DailyStrength Winter Affirmation T-Shirt available at the DS Store. The member who posted the winning definition will also get a free t-shirt.

PS: We don’t make money on these Affirmation T-Shirts; our only profit is a calm and serenity of our members who wear the shirt proudly. :)

Click here to vote for
your favorite poem of love!

Click on the link below each entry to leave a comment and vote for your favorite poem of love:

Entry #1 by didyann:

How is it you see me,
so young,so fair.
When I look in the mirror,
an old woman stands there.

Amused I try to picture,
me through your eyes.
Beautiful and young,
Your loves my disguise.

I don't understand,
how you see me that way.
You must be blinded by love,
Your heart's in your gaze.

Blinded by love,
please always be.
Blinded by love
when you look at me.

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Entry #2 by ihavenoname:

my girlfriends name is stephanie and i plan to propose to her on her 21st birthday which is next month and i was gonna do it tradtionaly but i decided to do it through a poem

my darling stephanie
since the day i met
you i knew we were
ment to be

i knew from the look
in your eye you had
a un-dieing love
for me

2 years have almost
past since i asked
you to be mine

we have a 1 year old daughter
now and shes perfect like
you in every single way

i love you now
ill love you tomorrow
and ill love you for ever

please dont laugh at
the next question
as im just a fool in love

but awnser me this will
you be mine for the rest of
our lives

stephanie WILL YOU MARRY ME?

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Entry #3 by BlueYonderDreams:

The breadth of your heart
The warmth of your soul
Your charms, your grace
The kindness that pours from you
The constant adulation
Your gentleness, your compassion
Your protective nature
The friendliness of your voice
That adorable laugh
Your inviting smile
The welcome signs in your eyes
Is where I found love

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Entry #4 by k2hsharpe:

days become short
and carry cold promise
the curve of your breast
anchoring my memory
in sunshine

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Entry #5 by Orsova:

I don't need sweet words
To make me giddy with desire.
Big words don't always score -
It's a double I require.

I'm challenged by your skill
weaving miracles from chance,
When I have trouble finding words
In this alphabetic dance.

You lay all your letters down,
and my defeat becomes complete;
But I'll acquiesce with grace
For your victory is sweet.

I'd like to play another time,
Maybe then I'll hit the lead.
Perhaps I'll be the Scrabble Queen
It is only U I need.

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Entry #6 by bcbid68:

True Love:
What is true love?
It's been ask for many years.
Along with it comes many tears.
If one is asked to define.
One might say it's divine.
Others might find it not so kind.
What is true love?
Bear in mind: True love is Blind.

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Entry #7 by babyrena:

my first grandchild,
wonders, thoughts, dreams,
going through my head,
bursting at the seams,
I am so exited,
my first grandchild is not here yet,
anticipation, fascination, expectation
baby on the way time flies like a jet!
October, Autumn, Beginning of holidays!
I can spoil baby in so many ways!
my first grandchild!!!

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Entry #8 by YellowRosePetals:

A message sent time again,
Love yourself fore' you begin.
Only then will you find,
A love so true, you are not blind.

You see it for its righteous self,
Flawed and beautiful, like nothing else.
Enthralled until you cannot sleep,
Eyes wide by your hearts strong beat.

But, till you confront your fears,
stand, mirror length, and thank the years.
Accept what happened, for you learned,
This love so righteous, you have earned.

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Entry #9 by becca1960:

There once was a boy
no, really a man
who held my heart
in the palm of his hand

I'm married now
happy and loved
but a day does not go by
this man I don't think of

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Entry #10 by Donny59:

My Rock
You know
I hold to you,
crash onto you
like wave of hurt
but you remain
my rock

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