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Results for the DailyStrength Winter Affirmation Contest: Love Poems

True Love:
What is true love?
It's been ask for many years.
Along with it comes many tears.
If one is asked to define.
One might say it's divine.
Others might find it not so kind.
What is true love?
Bear in mind: True love is Blind.
- bcbid68

Congratulations to bcbid68 who had the most votes and who will receive a free t-shirt with his poem on it. It was a close one this time around, thank you everyone who wrote, read, and voted in this year's Winter Affirmation Contest!

Stay tuned for the next contest, which will be announced on the site and in the DailyStrength Happenings newsletters!

PS: We don’t make money on these Affirmation T-Shirts; our only profit is the love we feel when the DS community shares their wonderful entries. :)

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