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10 Important Questions to Ask your Doctor about Acne
by Dr. Sharon Orrange

Patients often don’t want to bring up the discussion of acne during an office visit. If it is bad enough to bother you, it bothers us. So be a squeaky wheel. Here are the questions to ask that will help you make sure you are on the right track to treatment and resolution of your acne. Read More...

What Goes Online Stays Online... Forever
by Dr. Ellen Rome

I recently stayed with a college friend and her family. As often happens, we caught up on life, health, and the pursuit of happiness. Knowing what my day job is, she of course asked my opinion on what to do about her almost 8th grader's friend, who was clearly boundary crossing in online communications with her daughter. In plain terms, her daughter's best friend was being more than a bit forward and oversexualizing her messaging. Read More...

teenBuzz Blogs

Studying with Friends - a Good Idea?
by KeighleyOverbay

In this time, when your entire life seems to be a big bland blob of books and notes, everyone needs some free time to help relax. Despite this, it’s important to not slack off too much, or else you’ll have to either face being unprepared, or cram your brain full of facts on the night before the test. One solution to this conflict of interests can be studying with your friends. Going out with some people you know and hanging out for a while is a great way to relax and have a nice time. Throwing studying into the mix will of course reduce the whole relaxation part, Read More...