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Join Us For a DailyStrength New Year

Stick to your New Year's Resolutions by joining a Member Group!

It's the year 2012, and many of us are thinking about (or starting!) our new year with goals on how to be healthier, more organized, and better people. This year, we have created 9 New Year's Resolution Member Groups for your 2012 resolutions:

Join a group that fits your goal, and start by posting a discussion post of what your goal is. Remember to keep us updated with how you're doing, and we will cheer you on!

Don't forget to check out these great articles from Sharecare to help you along the way!

Pick from 9 New Year's Resolutions Member Groups to Join!

Special Q and A's From Sharecare To Help You Keep Your Resolutions

How do I start losing weight?
There are five simple steps that you can take to gradually lose weight over the next thirty days.

What is the importance of me-time?
Karen R Koenig explains why some of us have difficulty being alone, and why it’s important to schedule me-time.

What guidelines must I follow for making healthier eating choices?
Here are five simple steps to get you back on track and eat healthier in 2012.

What is an effective plan to quit smoking?
If you’ve decided to quit, Dr. Oz and the experts at Sharecare are your best resources in setting up a plan to quit smoking.