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Tuesday - working on a smile...
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Good morning dear friends.

I'm staring at the blank screen with no idea what to say today. The problem is lack of sleep. Not for the usual reason we experience. It's because I'm doing things that are new to me...

This is VBS week. In a weak moment I volunteered at church to help. lol

So... I get off work at 5:00 pm and report to the church at 5:15 pm. Make it home about 8:30 pm and crash.

The kids are age 3 - Fifth grade, and FULL of SMILES. I'm thinking this may be why I was called to do this. There is something about surrounding myself with uninhibited SMILES.

I need a purpose. I'm always looking for a reason that I'm still here. I don't know if this is IT. But it does give me the opportunity to be around people instead of hiding in my recliner.

When I'm out in the world, I SMILE...
Not sure it's heartfelt
It may just be a habit
I'm sure sometimes I fake it

But, my hope is that I'm doing to work to bring me to a place in the future.
A place and time when I will feel peace and comfort with my life.
A time when I can feel true JOY for life again.
A time when I can SMILE.

Have a sunshiny day and SMILE because you can,
Posted on 06/12/12, 07:05 am
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Reply #1 - 06/12/12  7:31am
" Good luck with the kids and VBS!


Carla "
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Reply #2 - 06/12/12  7:37am
" Happy tuesday Vicki!

thats WONDERFUL that you are working with the kids! As you know, i run a daycare, and they have NO PATIENCE for no smiles! lol That was one of the things that saved me I think in the early months. HAVING to smile even when I didn't know how!

From what I understand which is very little ;-), we have MANY purposes IN THIS LIFE, WE FIND THEM WHEN WE NEED THEM, and this could very well be one of yours!! You are PERFECT for this btw!!!

Yep, SMILING for you, and for all and....because I CAN!!! :-)
Love ya Diane "
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Reply #3 - 06/12/12  7:50am
" hi vicki its my grandaughter who lives with me that keeps me going .stop me thinking to much hugs and smiles to you . dave "
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Reply #4 - 06/12/12  10:55am
" My motto is fake it til you make it! Sometimes I smile so much at people especially the patients at work my face gets tired :) but more than not by the end of the day I feel better about life in general. I did bible school with my daughter last year with my daughter we did the arts and crafts part. Our church is very large and at times there were over 400 kids so at night I collapsed. I did not volunteer this year as I work until after 7. I look forward to reading your post every morning so thank you! "
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Reply #5 - 06/12/12  11:45am
" I think fake it til you make it is a great motto to live by. I do a lot of volunteer work, it does help you focus on others and there needs and that is a tremendous help. I am glad you found this reason to smile.

:) "
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Reply #6 - 06/12/12  12:53pm
" Just the thought of doing an evening VBS is exhausting. You are a brave woman! Save a few smiles in your pocket for the drive home ;o) ;o) ;o) ;o) ;o) ;o) ;o) :o) Darleen "
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Reply #7 - 06/12/12  1:21pm
" It seems to me that sometimes, and especially during times of dealing with learning to live again after our beloved spouse passes on, balancing our life becomes a challenge like never before.

When I read your posting I thought of this song. I thought to share with you.


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Reply #8 - 06/12/12  1:53pm
" Oh Bear! That is beautiful! I think I'll share that with our pastor for "giving time". They often show videos and this one is so touching!

Made me SMILE!

Vicki "
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Reply #9 - 06/12/12  4:22pm
" Yes indeed! Beautiful without a doubt....


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Reply #10 - 06/13/12  4:35am
" Vicki,
This makes me smile reading this. Bless you as you reach the little ones for Jesus, planting seeds of God's love in their hearts. Went to bible study this morning and i thought of this song "Thank You". A women was sharing how she taught children when they were small and through out her life. And i started to sing that song. Then another women shared how she taught children, and this one child she said was poor and came to Sunday school in dirty cloths and she loved her and hugged her, made her feel special. Then years later, this same girl came to her as a grown women and was a Pastor's wife and sang that song to her.

God Blessings Upon You and thank you so much the the smile.
Warm Hugs,
recentwidow "

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