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Rand Paul vs White House re- drones and due proces
Watch this 
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Rand Paul: White House should pledge no drone strikes on American soil

Posted on 02/23/13, 08:59 pm
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Reminder: This is a support group for War & Terrorism. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 02/23/13  9:51pm
" Love that video of Rand Paul! "
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Reply #2 - 02/23/13  10:12pm
" I love Rand Paul.....

Hey Joy...what would you think if f Rand uses the filibuster ? "
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Reply #3 - 02/23/13  10:29pm
" my heads been hurting for the last couple days so I'm not even sure what I think, I just know, I dont like the endless stream of executive orders for things that continue to strip away your rights, freedoms and privacies

all I know is it gets looking scarier every week

what do YOU think about it?

I think the number of representatives you have that seem to have any integrity and guts to stand up and speak the truth, are incredibly rare

I'm not even sure I trust Rand as much as I trusted his dad Ron

oy -- pass the advil would ya? "
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Reply #4 - 02/23/13  10:48pm
" I think anytime someone takes a principled stand....the ones that aren't "popular"....deserve my yeah, if Rand Paul wants to take a stand on principle...and one of the tools available to him is to filibuster....I'm all for it...he'll get a lot of crap for it...but that's ok....

They're not so rare....there are many reps in Washington trying to do the right thing...

I know you like Ron Paul...but do you like EVERYTHING he stands for? I mean, I do...for the most part...but, you being a liberal...and Ron Paul is not a liberal....not by any stretch of the imagination.

I can see where Libertarian and Liberal outcomes intersect...but we'd need a Venn diagram for that one...

I mean...he actually voted "NO" for a statue of Rosa Parks to be erected in Alabama !!!!!!????? (The Horrors!!!!)

I remember he got hell for that one....of course he was voting "no" like he always had done when it went against the Constitution as it relates to the roll of the Federal Government....and the states...not "no" AGAINST Rosa Parks...ahhh...nuances.....

Rand is more of a Centrist Libertarian...if such a thing exists...I don't know...strict Libertarians don't like him though....

Hope your head feels better...I'm sure I just helped it tremendously by my "
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Reply #5 - 02/23/13  11:09pm
" no I dont agree with Ron Paul on everything, in fact we differ on a number of things, but on the things that are the most important to me as a human being, I dont see anyone else I would have trusted with my vote

and so a statue of Rosa Parks, as wonderful and affirming of humanity as it would have been, and patronage to the arts to boot, would have been very nice -- but it doesn't even show up as a blip on my radar unlike the future of of child and his children. Freedom, privacy, and rights mean more to me than most other things. Doing something about widespread corruption means a lot to me.

Who else has been shouting and pounding fists on the podium about them and willing to put their money where their mouth is?

(headaches waning, going to lie down for a bit now)

i know we all have issues that mean more to us than other...members who consider healthcare utmost, others for jobs, yet others for spending, some for abortion, social safety nets...this is mine. "
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Reply #6 - 02/23/13  11:13pm
" I agree...I choose the candidate that speaks to the issues I care most about....feel betta.... "
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Reply #7 - 02/24/13  12:38am
" "Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he will send a $600,000 check to the U.S. Treasury, returning the part of his operating budget as a senator that was not spent.

Last year, he returned $500,000 worth of unspent funds to the Treasury.

The Republican senator and son of libertarian icon Ron Paul is considered a likely 2016 presidential contender."


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