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War & Terrorism Information

  • This community is offered to anyone whose life is affected by terrorism or violence, either directly (loss of life, injury, psychological effects) or indirectly (concern, changes in daily living)...
  • Terrorism refers to a strategy of using violence, social threats, or coordinated attacks in order to generate fear, cause disruption, and ultimately, bring about compliance with specified political, religious, or ideological demands. The targets of terrorist attacks typically are not the individuals who are killed, injured, or taken hostage, but rather the societies to which these individuals belong. Terrorism is designed to subvert existing political atmospheres, often with the aid of the mass media's influence. Other intended effects of terrorist activities on targeted societies include the curtailment of civilian standards of living and civil liberties associated with greater security demands, economic hardship linked to the costs of war, hopelessness to defend against assaults, depression, and disintegration of morale. These objectives are parallel to the objectives of unconventional warfare.

    Violence refers to acts of aggression and abuse which causes or intends to cause criminal injury or harm to persons, and (to a lesser extent) animals and property. The term "violence" also connotes an aggressive tendency to act out destructive behaviors. Violence falls into essentially two forms:

    - random violence, which includes unpremeditated or small-scale violence,

    - and coordinated violence, which includes actions carried out by sanctioned or unsanctioned violent groups as in war (ie. inter-societal violence) and terrorism.

    Since the Industrial Revolution, the lethality of modern warfare has steadily grown to levels considered universally dangerous. As a practical matter, warfare on a massive scale is considered to be a direct threat to the prosperity and survival of individuals, cultures, societies, and the world's living populations

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Health Blogs

It is an amazing story and one that has kept most of us glued to the media over the last several days. Three women, who had been abducted as teenagers in 2002, 2003, and 2004, were all found alive and well on May 6th in a Cleveland home. The 3 men accused of this horrible crime are all currently in custody and the story is just beginning to ... Read More »
So what are pesticides? Simply put, pesticides are chemicals used to kill unwanted plants, insects, rodents, or mold. Because they are used just about everywhere (e.g. homes, schools, parks, etc…) and can be found in our water and food supplies, the risk of exposure exists each and every day. Now some of these pesticides can have immediate ... Read More »
As November 6th draws nearer, I’ve begun questioning whether we, as adults, should discuss politics with our children. I’ve wondered whether the nature of the current political climate is too warped, dishonest, hate filled and complex in its underlying motivations to discuss with young people—who are still developing their identities and ... Read More »

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