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Man aged 39 with veins. Sclerotherapy!
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Hi Guys. I have had veins since my teens. Had them operated up some years ago (left calf only). Ok I did some long distance running, which may have made them worse. I am perhaps 12 pounds overweight but I also have done weight lifting in the past which means that I am rather large framed. My calf is now heading heavy and itchy and there is a vein popping up in my thigh. I am taking Horse Chestnut for circulation. The vein stripping did not seem to work. Has anyone tried Sclerotherapy, which I understand is a form of tying off of the veins. Thanks.
Posted on 12/13/11, 06:01 pm
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Reply #1 - 12/24/11  2:44am
" Hi SeanONeill,
I don't think sclerotherapy ties off the vein. It fills it up with a liquid that irritates the vein walls (which over time, will cause them to collapse).

For the right treatment, it really depends on the size of your varicose vein. As it is on your thigh, I'm guessing that it must not be small. In that case sclerotherapy could be ineffective.

Laser ablation may be a better option.
Choosing a treatment can be quite confusing. I found a simple guide to help you:

With more info on sclerotherapy here: "

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