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I have some blue veins on my legs and im getting lots of llittle spider veins( i think theyre called) on my legs. Mylegs often hurt when i stand up for ages too. I dont understand why its happening when im only 22:( Is it caused by being overweight? My mum has heaps on her legs which look really gross and i dont want to have that happen to me.
Posted on 10/03/10, 08:10 am
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Reminder: This is a support group for Varicose Veins. We trust you will do your best to remain positive and helpful. For more information, see our rules of the road.

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Reply #1 - 02/15/11  9:55pm
" Hi emma5,

Sorry about the late reply, I just joined the group. I am a specialist in varicose veins and I can tell you that most of the time this is a nice little genetic gift from the family. It sounds like maybe mom blessed you with them.
There are other factors that contribute for sure like weight, but ask yourself why it is that most people with a little extra weight don't get spider veins and you did. The answer is that little gene flaw.
Chances are that even if you lost a bunch of weight, you would still have more of these veins show up in the future (not that weight loss isn't a good idea anyway).
So, don't fret, there are lots of good and easy treatments available for spider veins and even though it may be a "maintenance" issue for you requiring visits to a vein specialist every 3-5 years to clean the new crop, the treatments are not that big of a deal.

Eric Davis (The Vein Game) "
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Reply #2 - 04/05/11  12:36pm
" Hi,
I am almost 24 and have recently noticed the beginnings of varicose veins. When it is really hot outside and I have to stand for a long period of time my legs become very painful and I feel like I really have to sit down and elevate them. When I'm cold I can't see them and there's no pain but when I'm hot they stick out and hurt. My dad has a few varicose veins so I guess that's where I got them from. I am actually quite thin so I know weight doesn't have anything to do with it. I don't smoke, I eat healthy and I am fairly active so there's really no reason I would have this other than my genes. I haven't tried anything for them but I think support stockings might help. The main reason I wanted to reply was to let you know that it is not so uncommon for women our age to start having this problem. Just accept it as part of who you are and go to doctors who can help you manage this very manageable disease. I'm sure you inherited many good things from your mother as well! Take care :) "
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Reply #3 - 09/29/11  9:37am
" I'm 22 and I have started to get them.. I inherited them from my dad and his mom. I remember my grandma having to wear stockings when I was younger, I had no idea they would be in my future too.. "
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Reply #4 - 11/30/11  12:52am
" I'm glad I came across this. I'm glad its not my fault and that its genetic from what im reading correct??? they drive me nuts but, at least I have legs to have veins on..... LOL

Glad Im not a dress wearer and when I am, Im tights all the way baby! "

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